[REVIEW] RHA Audio MA-350 Noise Isolating Aluminum Earphones


RHA Audio sent us a set of the MA-350 Noise Isolating Aluminum Earphones. These earphones are aero phonically designed to naturally relay sounds in the user’s ear using the design of a trumpet’s bell. The earphones are precision machined from solid aluminum to provide a rich natural reproduction of the sounds that coming through the headphones.

They also come with 3 different sized silicon tips to allow a comfortable fit in the ear. The cables on the headphones are braided fabric to reduce tangling and prolong the life of the cables. All of this and a handy carry case are included in the packaging of the unit.

As a lover of all kinds of music, I always end up putting my headphones thru the paces and might be over critical when it comes to my opinion of different headphones on the market. The first thing that I noticed about these particular headphones was the attractive price point of $39.95 US on Amazon.com which includes a 3 year warranty from Reid and Heath Acoustics Ltd. Most of the other headphones that I have considered to be top of the line cost two to three times the price of these headphones. I consider anything less than $40 to be considered a “throw away” pair of headphones and really don’t expect much from those headphones. Packaging of the earbuds is very straight forward, no gimmicky slogans or motto’s, which makes me think that RHA doesn’t need flashy packaging to draw customers to their product.

Looking at the construction of the headphones there isn’t a lot left to improve upon all of the basics are met, these headphones are aesthetically pleasing and almost utilitarian in the appearance which I like. The fabric braid on the cords definitely does the job of protecting the wires and allows for the wire to resist the twisting that is o so familiar with any smaller gauge cords used on headphones. The straight plug will definitely work with any and all phones/MP3 Players that are out there. They fit wonderfully on my Samsung S2 Epic 4G Touch. The shape and design of the headphones nestles the meat of the ear bud up against the natural indention of your ear and there are no sharp edges that would irritate the ear.

The fidelity of these headphones is what blew me away. I compared these to a set of House of Marley earbuds that I reviewed a couple of months back and initially thought that these speakers were lacking in the lower registers, but a bit of adjustment for the headphones on the computer that I was using fixed that issue. These speakers focus on the higher register of the music. The mids and highs are perfect, crisp, and toeing the line of too bright. If you are listening to Jazz you can pick up the sounds of fingers sliding across the neck of a guitar as it is being played, the drumstick making contact with the cymbals, and the whisper of valves on the brass instruments. Even with adjusting the equalizer and bring the bass frequencies up to match the emphasis on the mids and highs you do not lose clarity. I threw everything I could at these ear buds including Jazz, Hard Rock, Hip Hop, RnB, Country, and even Dubstep not once did I hear any bit of distortion at the higher levels. The fidelity is constant across all volume levels. There is a bit of harshness that is introduced at the higher levels but I think that might be the 10 MM reaching the top of the excursion

levels. I feel like I cannot realistically describe the clarity that is present on the upper registers. The noise isolation is also superb; I tested these with my office phone and was not able to hear the ringing with music playing in my ears and the ringer set to higher levels.

In closing if you are looking

for a good pair of headphones that will outperform some of your higher level Sony, and Panasonic units these are a safe bet. They even won the coveted “What Hi-Fi” award in Britain during December of 2011. If you are on the fence take my word for it, pull the trigger you will not be disappointed at all.


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