What's Next? Screens in your Contact Lenses

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If you’re my age, you probably grew up watching movies like RoboCop and the Terminator. Remember all those computer graphics they could see through their normal vision? What if you could see all the things going on with your smartphone or tablet by simply looking through your contact lenses!? Thanks to a team of Belgian scientists may have brought us a few steps closer to this reality. Belgian scientist, Jelle

De Smet, and his team have produced a rough prototype of a contact lens that simply

flashes a dollar sign ($) as a joke. The team are actually developing the Ghent lens for a multitude of useful purposes, such as changing the users eye color, sunglasses, or even to protect the users damaged iris from extreme lights. But imagine, if you will,

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the possibilities that come along with this technological breakthrough. Check your messages with a glance, while driving. Watch a YouTube video while in a boring meeting! Hehe. All without grabbing your phone! De Smet and his team hope to develop this further and even get this to the point of offering a heads up display of sorts for smartphone and tablet users. Things could get very interesting in the next few years. Who knows? Maybe the Terminator movies were fortelling the future after all… I, for one, am very excited that this technology is coming about in my lifetime! how about you? Source

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