Froggy Wireless continues free activations and ports through the month of June

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After Froggy Wireless decided to cancel the free activations program that had been running from April to May, there was a huge cry from people for them to continue the free activations. Froggy Wireless couldn’t help but to continue it for at least one more month. Froggy Wireless is known for their “Unforgettable” customer service and this has been what drives customers to them from all over the country. With this promotion still going, you can activate a new line of service, or port your existing number to them, still free of charge. Andrew Campbell, owner of Froggy Wireless says, “We felt that we would be doing a huge injustice to our customer base by not listening to them, we appreciate our customers and want them to know it.” The promotion starts on 5/31/13 and will continue until the last day of June, at which time they say they will look at the situation again and see what to do at that point. Additionally, Froggy Wireless, in the near future, will start to deal with Spot Mobile as well. Spot Mobile is a GSM MVNO. Andrew again says

“We want to allow people to have the choice of phone they want to use, some like the SIM card while others don’t” To start your service with Froggy Wireless, just go to the website

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