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[DEAL] Refurbished Amazon Kindle Fire for $139 – Today Only!

Amazon announced today that it is offering refurbished Kindle Fire’s for an unbeatable price tag!  For the next 16 hours (or until they sell out) you can grab a refurbed, certified working Kindle Fire for the low price of $139. Before you ask, yes, you still get the same 1 year warranty as you would […]


Big Red Drops Price on Motorola Droid RAZR Just In Time For Mother's Day

This sale is making it pretty tempting to get another Moto™ device. I’ve been a fan of Motorola since I was hacking pre-razr flip phones. Anyway, I was watching TV after a long day, and here comes a commercial advertising VZWs lamely written Mother’s Day sale. The sale is for the Droid RAZR. The price:  […]


ZTE Score Now $29.99 At Best Buy

BestBuy has got a sweet deal on the ZTE Score.  Right now it is on sale for $29.99 ($40 off) the regular price of $60.  The ZTE Score is deffenitly no powerhouse but will work for the basic user who is wanting the functionality of Android without killing your wallet.  To see the ad, . […]


Tapatalk Forum App Free On

Tapatalk is the worlds best app for browsing your favorite forum assuming the system admin has the app installed on the server.  With most mobile based website forums it usually is.  Right now GetJar has the app FREE!  On Google play the app is listed at $2.99.  The price isn’t bad by any means, but come on, […]


After Long Last Androidnerds are BACK and We Have Gifts!!! – 20% OFF using code "WeAreBack"

Back on Feb. 6 2012 had a significant error in our systems.  We are not fully clear how it occurred, what we do know is that for some reason the database stopped letting us access it to make posts appear.  We spoke to several people at our host and had the Director of IT from our […]


Entering Day 5 of Google's 10-day, 10-cent apps

Day 5 has arrived with a batch of new apps for 10-cents. Here’s the list for today: Apparatus Age of Zombies Zynga Drop 7 Kids Connect the Dots Snowfall Live Wallpaper Season Zen HD SlideIT Keyboard The Sims 3


10 Days of Premium Apps for .10 Cents

An impressive 10 billion downloads have reached the Android Market in about a 2 year spread. Now Google is offering premium apps for ten cents for the next 10 days. Even better they will probably change everyday, so if you see any that you like I would recommend downloading the app the day it’s announced. […]


Samsung Stratosphere 4G LTE And Dell Streak 7 On Best Buy Black Friday List

Yet another Black Friday deal; this time from Best Buy.  According to the ad the Stratosphere from VZW and the Dell Streak 7″ tablet will be included in the stampede.  The Samsung Stratosphere will be free with new 2yr contract but the Streak’s price has yet to be released.  This could mean it’s a really awesome deal or […]


Galaxy Prevail will be $69 At Walmart On Black Friday

Black Friday means two thing, GREAT deals and long frustrating lines and crowds….ok 3 things.  Either way, you know Walmart will be backed in general.  So to give you a bit of an advantage we found some deals to work with.  The Samsung Galaxy Prevail with Boost will be a drop bottom price of $69.  That’s a […]


WireFly offers great deal for the Nexus S and other Android Phones

I was just browsing through WireFly’s website to see them running a promotion called Black Friday Now. They are offering the Samsung Stratosphere 4G and the HTC Wildfire S for free with 2 year contract. The bigger