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This is a test of the Commercial Mobile Alert System. This is only a test.

CMAS – what is it?  Well simply put it’s the mobile version of the EAS (Emergency Alert System) that comes on your tv once a week.  When I read this article I was a bit concerned about this system and the way they have it setup.  Hit the break to read more about it.


Big Red Leads the Way! Introducing 911 SMS!

Ever needed to report a crime, or been in a tight situation, but a call to 911 was just inconvenient? Soon, you will be able to simply send a text message! Click through for more…


FCC Starts Fund for Rural Data Connectivity Improvement

The FCC announced today that they are in talks to setup a fund to be availabe for data connection improvement for rural areas. This makes me smile, as I live in a VERY rural area, though Verizon has been great!


FCC looking into Verizon $2 Convenience Fee

Just yesterday Verizon announced the $2 dollar fee for basically paying your phone bill. Well the FCC overheard this news and commented about Verizon’s plan that is expected to start on January 15th. “On behalf of American consumers, we’re concerned about Verizon’s actions and are looking into the matter,” Nothing else was mentioned or any definition on […]


Sony Ericsson’s Live with Walkman Android phone hits the FCC, gets torn down

So we all know the Walkman from Sony.  It became a household name.  Throw a tape in, put on the cheap headphones and rock it out.  Well the tapes are gone but Walkman is still very much alive and well.  The new Sony Eriksson passed through the FCC today bringing with it a dedicated Walkman […]


Samsung Nexus Prime Passes Through FCC

The Samsung Nexus Prime passed through the FCC today, this has bands supporting AT&T and T-Mobile but negative on the LTE.  I suspect this is due to the fact of the T-Mobile purchase.  What is confusing is the fact that there are reports of two seperate Primes.  BGR says there will only be ONE Nexus […]


Samsung Galaxy Note makes a visit at the FCC, and it’s heading to North America

Whenever we see a phone pass through the FCC we get a little excited.  Everyone knows that you can’t sell a phone in America without it going through the FCC.  The Samsung Galaxy Note is no exception to the rule.  This phone/tablet made its appearance and now is heading to North America.  There is no word […]


ZTE Smart 7″ Android Tab clears the FCC

  ZTE Smart tablet debute at IFA 2011 but gave no indication of real good details about it other than it was 7″.  Contrary to analysts and others, the 7″ tablet has done very well given the tremendous amount 1f 10″ and higher sizes such as the Tab and iPad.  The good news is we […]


LG Optimus Hub passes through FCC

Like the breeding fashion of mice and fleas, phone makers keep pumping phones out like no tomorrow!    LG send the Hub to the FCC for approval.  This phone is also known as “Univa” or “Optimus 2″.  While the specs are not real impressive, it looks good to be a phone for the average Joe who […]