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Make a free personalized android avatar free

Have you ever wanted to make your very own personalized android guy? Well androidify does just that. its a free app from the google play store. This app is made by google. You can download the app here. It starts out with just a normal green android guy that you can customize. With many different options to […]


Google Play Store now Sports 600,000 apps and over 20 Billion downloads!

Google yesterday gave some numbers regarding the Google Play Store.  The Google Play Store is huge, but then we already knew that.  If you didn’t, have you been hiding under a rock??  Google says there are now 600,000 applications and games available for downloading to devices.  Downloads of said applications and games have passed the […]


Tablet-Optimized Google+ App Released

Android tablet users, REJOICE! If you have been using Google+ on your Android smartphone you will be happy to know that Google has finally released a tablet version! This has been a long time in the making and I am sure all of levitra overnight delivery you out there will be on Google+ a lot […]

G+ Events Driving You Crazy? Turn 'em off!

Have you gotten any invitations to events today?  I did.  How many, you ask?  Let’s just say, I order cheap generic cialis couldn’t find a charger fast enough!  Although there isn’t a way to filter who can invite you, there is a way to keep all those notifications from bugging all freaking day!  Just turn […]


Android 4.0 Market Share Rises; Reaches 4.9%

It seems just yesterday that I was watching the ICS presentation on ustream. Ahhh. Nearly seven months later, and more and more devices seem to be receiving the ICS updates. As more devices begin to run the software, Android’s market share follows.

Screen Shot 2012-04-25 at 6.29.47 PM

Renders of the original 2006 “Google Phone” come out

One of the few good things that is coming out of the Oracle vs Google trial are the renders of the first “Google phone” that was presented to carriers.  Google initially took the pictured phone to carriers in 2006, two years before the G1 was finally released in October in 2008.  As you can see the phone […]


Chrome For Android to Lose Beta Status

Chrome for Android has only been on the market for a few months, but has made a ruckus in the mobile browsing arena. Today, we learned that the smooth little browser is about to drop out of the beta phase. Click through to read on…


[RUMOR] Google Supposedly Chooses Samsung as Maker of Fourth-Gen Nexus Device

Earlier today, DigiTimes (known for jumping the gun), reported that the mobile giant will be using Samsung as the OEM for the next generation of Nexus Devices. You, the Nerds, should DEFINITELY take this with a grain of salt at the moment. Mainly, because this is RUMOR at this point. Usually, Google goes through a […]


A Standalone Google Music Player for Windows? I’ll Take It!

Ive been usung this player for months now, and i have been more than impressed. Although it hasn’t been updated since October, it has done its job, and well! Click for a list of features, and a download link…


Google gets back into the smartphone sales game, offering unlocked GSM Galaxy Nexus for $399 in the Google Play Store

It has been a little while since Google sold the Nexus phone themselves.  Today Google has gotten back into the smartphone sales game, as you can now order the Galaxy Nexus directly from Google for $399.  Now of course this is the unlocked GSM (HSPA+) model, as Verizon and Sprint are the only ones to […]