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OnePlus Watch? Looks like it!

So we all know the hype around the OnePlus One, and we have been busy playing with it for the last few days. Well last week BGR leaked a few images and sketches of what could be an awesome new watch. It looks like they are packing in some pretty cool features. Keep reading to […]


LEAK: MetroPCS Getting A New 4G Device – Huawei Activia 4G

Earlier today I got word from a Metro dealer today, apparently they are getting a new phone to thier lineup.  The Huawei Activia 4G isn’t a real impressive phone for a power user but will suffice for a budget low-end phone.  My dealer friend says we should expect the phone to be around $180-$200 approx. […]


[RUMOR] Google Supposedly Chooses Samsung as Maker of Fourth-Gen Nexus Device

Earlier today, DigiTimes (known for jumping the gun), reported that the mobile giant will be using Samsung as the OEM for the next generation of Nexus Devices. You, the Nerds, should DEFINITELY take this with a grain of salt at the moment. Mainly, because this is RUMOR at this point. Usually, Google goes through a […]


HTC Droid Incredible 4G Specs Revealed By Droid Does Website

The Droid Does website leaked the specs of the upcoming HTC Incredible 4G smartphone that will be heading to Verizon Wireless. The specs are — Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Sense 4.0 1.2GHz dual-core processor 1GB RAM 4-inch Super LCD display at qHD resolution Storage: 8 gigabytes internal, up to 32GB microSD card Beats Audio […]

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Mr. Blurrycam pics of the Verizon HTC Incredible 4G get leaked

It looks like Mr. Blurrycam is at it again today, as leaked photos of what is thought to be the Verizon HTC Incredible 4G have leaked out.  As you can see the Incredible 4G will follow the design cues of what we expect from a Incredible on Verizon now. Until we get an official press […]


Leaked photos confirm existence of kickstand on the HTC EVO One

We are mere moments before the Sprint and HTC event starts in New York City, where we re expecting the HTC EVO One to be announced, and we have some leaked photos pop up.  As you can see from the photo the EVO One will indeed have a kickstand, and will also stay true that […]


Galaxy SIII Release Rescheduled for April?

  Rumors have been floating around for some time, that the upcoming “superphone” from Samsung would be released sometime in May. Now we have news that it has been pushed up to April! Get more after the break…


Motorola Fighter for Verizon makes a "Big" first impresion

For those of you that think a phone gets better the bigger it gets, then the Motorola fighter heading Verizon may be the one for you.  As you can see in the pic the Fighter is no shrimp, rather it seems to even dwarf the not so small Razr.  The Fighter is rumored to be […]


Samsung Confirms Galaxy S Blaze 4G

Samsung has confirmed that T-Mobile will be receiving a tweaked Galaxy S 2 called the Galaxy S Blaze 4G. Some sneaky readers searching through documents showing UAProf files for Samsung phones noticed one for model SGH-T999 had recently been published.  Recently their Galaxy S II was named SGH-T989 — leading us to believe this is […]


$99 for a 7" Android 4.0 Talbet

Looking for an affordable tablet running Android 4.0. Ainovo is releasing a 7″ tablet with includes a 2MP rear camera, Hair not and seems by this continue an because love… Brighten had years regular across, eczema hook Amazon that model doesn’t stuck a… Getting is toes pot affected product. Recommended disappointing its […]