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Chad Johnson (ochocinco) Acquires A Motorola Xoom

When do the androidnerds get a break?! I would love to get to play with some upcoming devices, before they are released. Well Chad Johnson, known as ochocinco, posted a tweet staying that he is using the rumored Motorola Xoom tablet. Does this reiterate the rumored February 17 release date? We’ll just have to wait […]

Another Leaked Photo Of The HTC “Saga”

If you remember back to last week, there were some photos leaked out of a new HTC device taken on a subway in Taipei. Well today Gizmodo received another photo of the unannounced HTC “Saga”. Well there really isn’t anything new in terms of specs or features to be reported, you can see that the […]

New LG Optimus ME Video Is Very Odd

I just stumbled upon this video when checking out the Phandroid site, and I am a little freaked out by it.  The LG Optimus ME was just leaked, and it will be a mid-range Android device that is available in multiple colors.  The video is just plain weird, with comic styled conversation bubbles, oh and […]

Sidekick 4G Gets Photographed

The Sidekick has returned, thats right you are not hearing things the t-Mobile Sidekick is making another stab at smartphone fame.  I’m sure that most of you will remember the Sidekick, especially if you have been a T-Mobile customer for some time.  We reported a few days ago that there was a new 4G version […]

Leaked Verizon HTC phone, What could it be? Is it the Droid Incredible 2/HD?

Newly leaked images of a Verizon HTC device have just appeared online. The image showing the back of the device looks a lot like Droid Incredible could this be the Droid Incredible 2?? The image of the front of the device appears to be all touch screen is HTC moving on to the invisible capacitive […]

White Nexus S Makes Another Appearance, And Now Rumored To Be Heading To Vodafone

We saw a render of a white Nexus S the other day, and it looked good then.  Well today there is an actual photo of it, and it looks even better!  The white version of the Samsung “pure Google” phone is now rumored to be making it’s way to Vodafone in the UK, and maybe even the […]

HTC’s New Unofficial Device Caught In The Wild

A week or two ago there were some leaked renders that showed off two new devices from HTC, and if you remember there was what looked to be a 4.3″ Nexus One without a trackball. At the time there was thoughts that it may be a follow up to the Desire, which is very popular […]

Samsung’s MWC Schedule Leaked

Looks like Samsung has a nice time planned for the attendees of their press event at MWC on 2/13. Fellow bloggers will partake in cocktail lounges, among other feel-good happenings, and a media Q&A/product demo. The two main product we see in the photo are the Galaxy S2 and the Galaxy Tab 2. What will […]

More Leaked Photos Of The Samsung Vibrant 4G

[nggallery id=4] There are some new leaked photos of the upcoming Samsung Vibrant 4G, and it is pretty much what we expected.  As you can see the Vibrant 4G is pretty much the same as the original Vibrant except for a slightly more silver body.  This, as I said, came as no surprise as it is still a part […]

The LG Optimus 3D Appears Online!

That’s right the LG Optimus has appearded online via AllAboutPhones website. The device has shown up on The Phone House webpage. LG is expected to announce the device next month at MWC 2011. Though we do not have any exact details at this time we do think there will be some leaked specs coming out […]