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HTC EVO Shift 4G Poses For Some More Photos

About a week ago we showed you one of the first pics of the new EVO Shift 4G, basically a EVO with a slide out QWERTY keyboard.  Today there have been a few more photos that have surfaced, and these ones give us a much better look at the device.  The tipster that snapped these photos has […]

Playstation Phone Could Be Named The “Xperia Play”??

The rumors regarding the alleged Sony PLaystation phone have been going on for some time now, but it seems there is some new evidence to show that it will be branded with the Xperia name.  Recently Sony Ericsson was approved for a European trademark on “Xperia Play” and at the same time a Swedish PR […]

Motorola Releases Teaser “Tablet Evolution” Video For Honeycomb At CES 2011

We knew that Motorola was going to be bringing something new and exciting to the tablet world at CES after Andy Rubin showed off his prototype tablet on D: Dive Into Mobile the other week.  Well Motorola has decided to give us all a little tease, without revealing anything, in anticipation for CES in January. […]

HTC Knight (ie. the EVO 4G Shift or Speedy) Shows Up In Best Buy Systems

If you remember back a few days we saw the first pic of the HTC EVO4G Shift.  Well now the HTC Knight has shown itself in the Best Buy data transfer systems.  The Knight is expected to be Sprint’s version of the G2, albeit with a larger screen, as it will have the EVO’s 4.3″ screen.  It […]

Telus Branded Desire HD Makes An Appearance

Finally Canadian Android fans with see a 4.3″ screen!  Today there have been some leaked photos of a Desire HD with a Telus splash screen.  MobileSyrup received a tip that the Desire HD is going to be released within the coming months, so if you are on Telus and looking to upgrade or get yourself […]

New Fossil Watch Prototype To Sync With Your Android Device

If you watch the Blackberry community at all you would know that they have eagerly been awaiting the release of a “smartwatch” for quite some time.  While it looks like Fossil has decided to give “geeks” and “nerds” a chance to look very stylish while wearing a “smartwatch’.  The Fossil Connected will sync with your Android device via […]

HTC To Release 4G LTE devices during Q2 of 2011

This may be a marketing ploy on HTCs part, but the manufacturer has announced that they will not release a 4G LTE device until mid 2011. This is strange, as we have had many leaked pictures of the Mecha in the wild. Only time will tell… Source: Android Central

More Leaked Photos of The Motorola Prototype Tablet

After Andy Rubin showed off the new tablet prototype from Motorola there has been a deluge of  blurry camera shots.  These latest ones show us that in fact there is a 10″ model.  What these latest shots also show is that it will indeed be launching on Verizon previously thought.  The nice thing is that we apparently […]

Motorola Prototype Tablet Shown Off By Andy Rubin at D: Dive Into Mobile

With Gingerbread being announced this past week we can now move onto the anticipation for the next OS.  While this latest one may not be for all Android device, Andy Rubin showed off “Honeycomb”, which is thought to be the tablet OS, at D: Dive Into Mobile.  Rubin decided to show off this Motorola prototype […]

Leaked Photo of the EVO Shift 4G

There have been rumors flying around regarding the latest EVO for a while now.  There have been photos of cases, a leaked screenshot of the EVO  Shift 4G in Sprint’s system and we have even seen a ROM.  The Shift 4G had also been previously thought to have the name the “HTC Knight”, and I suppose we […]