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New Moto Atrix?

Noone is quite sure what this device is, but some think it to be the “sequel” to ATTs newest Moto device, the Atrix. The pics were taken by some Chinese bloggers and show many upgraded features! Most notably seen in the photos are the convex style glass on the screen, and is that finally and […]

Galaxy S II Version With Side Out Keyboard Heading To AT&T

We saw what appeared to be an official render of a Samsung SLider that BGR was told would be coming to AT&T shortly, and now we have this leaked photo today of what is being called a Galaxy S II variant.  The leaked photos show off what seems to still be a very slender device, […]

Motorola Droid Bionic’s “Enhancements” Displayed In Leaked Best Buy Ad

Today we have yet another piece fo the puzzle that is the Motorola Droid Bionic. As you can see in this leaked Best Buy ad the Bionic is indeed slightly re-tooled and apparently is an ” an all-powerful, unstoppable machine”. Those are some very strong words to be tossing out there, especially for a device […]

Moto Droid Bionic Shows Its Face…Sorta

Well, this may or may not be a leaked picture of the upcoming Bionic. You may be thinking, “How can you tell? It’s too blurry!”. Exactly. While this may be intentionally made blurry in order to keep us guessing, it may also be a very badly executed photo. Albeit, it looks like a refreshed Moto […]

HTC Glamor Pops Up Showing Off Three Outfits!

Ok. I like this. Are you tired of the black, or white, phones of today? Check out the HTC Glamor. Looks like the design guys at HTC are trying to target the females! Showing up in pink, yellow, and blue. This news comes at an interesting time with the first day of Summer a couple […]

Archos Bringing Two New Tablets To The Plate

Mobile device makers, Archos, has announce the release of two awesome new Tablets: the 101 G9 and the 80 G9. Both of these devices are said to be sporting some really nice features! Both will be running Android 3.1 and a 1.5Ghz dual-core OMAP 4 processor. Hold on, there’s more! These two will also be […]

Listen to the AndroidNerds Podcast Episode 5 with special guest @arhamjamal AndroidNerds ROM Developer “IceandFire”!

  Join the AndroidNerds team Art, B_Ren, and Brad for another episode of the AndroidNerds podcast. Joining us this edition of the AndroidNerds Podcast is a very special guest @arhamjamal AndroidNerds ROM Developer “IceandFire”! Join us as we discuss current Android topics such as: Q&A with AndroidNerds ROM Developer “IceandFire” HTC changes their locked bootloader […]

myTouch 4G Slide Poses For The Camera In the Wild

If you have been waiting for the new myTough 4G Slide, and was left wanting more from the previous blurrycam shots, well here you go.  The new T-mobile device has decided to pose for some nice clear, and very sexy “in the wild” shots this weekend and she is looking nice!  As you can see […]

Motorola Droid 3/Milestone 3 Gets Extensive Hands On

When it comes to the Droid 3 there have been multiple leaks and rumors that have been floating around lately.  Today we have the low down on the Droid 3/Milestone 3 from XDA.CN and it isn’t looking all that good for the device.  INcase you are wondering about the name, yes the Milestone name is […]

Asus To Release Transformer’s Cousin: Enter the EeePad Slider

This one is for all our friends from across the Pond. That’s right, Asus is continuing in their fashion as being ahead of the curve of innovation. And their doing it in the UK. They will be releasing the EeePad Slider, featuring a full QWERTY slide out keyboard and rumored to be running Honeycomb! Not […]