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Review: Qmadix Boostpac Quick Shot

If you have ever said the words “I hope my battery lasts till I…..” then this review is for you! It’s very frustrating when that happens. While most everyone carries a car charger not everyone carries a house charger on them – unless you are me (no judging!)   Once again we have the permanent […]


T-Mobile Pilot Trial Will Start Moving Customers Off 2G Network With Upgrade Incentives

T-Mobile will be starting a new pilot program to allow customers on 2G to upgrade to 3G/4G with incentives.  The reason for this is to allow them to refarm the current spectrum to allow more devices on their network including the ever popular iPhone.  Beginning July 9th and running through July 30th, select residents of […]


LG to launch a new smartphone in September with their new L9 quad-core processor?

Every smartphone manufacturer is working on a new quad-core phone these days. So is LG! LG has been building a quad-core processing of their own and we might see it in September. It’s based on ARM architecture and that’s all we know about it right now. Now LG has license to both Cortex-A9 and Cortex-A15 […]

RIM's CEO Uses an Android Device to "Stay Educated About the Market"

It’s no secret that RIM is fallen on hard times.  BlackBerry 10 devices being pushed back until 2013 isn’t helping either.  Recently, Al Sacco of CIO sat down with RIMs CEO Thorsten Heins to ask him some questions, it was discovered that he uses an Android device.  His reason behind it?  He says it’s “to stay […]


[QUICK LOOK] Air Horn by AppsDev

Looking for the best, loudest, most fun Air Horn available anywhere? Want to annoy your friends and family? Want to scare innocent loved ones to death? Of course you do – and now you can, with the Little Devil Air Horn!


Amazon to build Android smartphone

Amazon Wireless is reported to be in the running to produce an Android based smartphone to challenge the iPhone and give another gateway to sell their products like the Kindle Fire.  With viagra form canada unnamed sources, Amazon Wireless is contracting with Foxconn Int’l to produce the phones while acquiring wireless patents for it to […]


You know you're rooted if……

I was looking at G+ the yesterday and I saw this and about died laughing.  Now if you’re not rooted most of these probably won’t make sense to you.  If you are rooted, please pull over before you read because it’s about to get real loud from laughter.  And without further delay….hit the break to […]

Google Play Store now Sports 600,000 apps and over 20 Billion downloads!

Google yesterday gave some numbers regarding the Google Play Store.  The Google Play Store is huge, but then we already knew that.  If you didn’t, have you been hiding under a rock??  Google says there are now 600,000 applications and games available for downloading to devices.  Downloads of said applications and games have passed the […]

Want to unlock the Nexus 7 Bootloader? Here's how

Yes, the bootloader is locked on the Nexus 7.  Don’t worry, you can unlock it.  Follow these simple directions: First, you need to put it in USB debugging mode.  Next, you australia propecia need to make sure you have the Android SDK installed on your computer. Finally, you need to use the fastboot oem unlock command. […]

Someone Spilled the Beans at Google's Building 44

  Guess this generic cialis price makes Jelly Bean official now…   Source: Android Central via Google Developers