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AndroidNerds Introduces Our Two Newest Exclusive Developers proudly introduces out newest exclusive developers.  eXistZ and Prophet. eXistZ is a Kernel developer and assisted Ice and Fire with his new kernel which was just recently updated to Ver. 2.1.  He is formerly part of Team Continuum and has build some well known kernels such as Talon, TalonACE, SuckerPunch and SuckerPunch-Voodoo and various others.  He […]


Nexus Prime Being Released on November 3rd

And something big it is, just not yet.  Previously we were supposed to see the revealing of the Nexus Prime and Ice Cream Sandwich tomorrow.  Due to the tragic loss of one of the Smartphone’s founding fathers, Samsung decided it was not the right time.  They played a well thought move.  I really wasn’t the […]

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HTC Evo 3D, Samsung Galaxy S Infuse 4G, LG Optimus 3D and Xperia Arc $.01 on Rogers Wirless

Ok, so what do we have here?  Well we have either a glitch in the system, a rouge graphic artist or a sweet deal for both of these phones.  One of our readers sent us this picture off the .  I really hope this is a great deal and not a glitch because to get […]


LG Marquee Owners Find LG Esteem OneClickRoot Works For It As Well

Yesterday we posted the root tool for the LG Esteem.  Well after the day was done, the dust had settled and the excitement of your brand new Esteem being rooted was stabilized; we found out from a reader that this OneClickRoot will work on the LG Marquee as well.  The LG Marquee is almost identical […]


China Blocks Access To Android Market

If you follow Google, this isn’t much of a shock at all.  China has the world’s largest population per area while Google is the largest internet entity in the world; however, these two have issues with fundamental things and the way China keeps a tight leach on their citizens.  With the way this relationship stands […]


Stable Release Of CyanogenMod 7.1 With Support For Android 2.3.7 On 68 Devices Is Finally Out; CyanogenMod 9 Is Up Next

CyanogenMod is without a doubt the most common name in Android ways.  The wonderous wizards has now released a stable build of CM7.1 which includes Android 2.3.7 on an astounding 68 devices.  Having ROMS for 68 devices is impressive by itself but when you produce the SAME working ROM for ALL of those devices, well, […]


AndroidNerds Exclusive: Apocalypse-Talon Kernel v2.0 Now Available is very proud to announce our own Ice and Fire in conjunction with our newest developer eXistZ have made our very first exclusive Kernel.  This kernel is for the Nexus S and is available from our forums.  Hit the break to check out the specs of the kernel.


Samsung Stratosphere Hitting Verizon October 13th, Specs And Manual

The Samsung Stratosphere is set to arrive at Verizon Wireless on Oct. 13. This phone has circulated around tech sites for a while now.  This mid-range phone is a single core 4G phone with a sliding keyboard.  You can see the specs and get the manual to it after the break.  There is no pricing […]


FOTA Update for LG Esteem Coming Soon

The LG Esteem has been the big talk in the prepaid world.  Everyone was searching for a root tool and the minor issues the phone has.  Well an spokeswoman at MetroPCS has send us some information regarding the issues surrounding the FOTA update.  She says:


LG Esteem OneClickRoot NOW READY!!

Here we are folks, you can ROOT as needed!  We’ve been waiting a while for this one.  Without further ado…..let’s root this thing!! My MetroPCS contact “Mr. MetroPCS” says there are a couple people we owe a big thanks to.  @Mtmichaelson and @djrbliss.  They together compiled the correct SU and Superuser.apk and wrote the final script […]