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What's Next? Screens in your Contact Lenses

If you’re my age, you probably grew up watching movies like RoboCop and the Terminator. Remember all those computer graphics they could see through their normal vision? What if you could see all the things going on with your smartphone or tablet by simply looking through your contact lenses!? Thanks to a team of Belgian […]


MetroPCS Launches World’s First Commercially Available Voice Over LTE Service and VoLTE-Capable 4G LTE Smartphone

When MetroPCS first came out they were just another carrier. They had cheap plans and cheap phones.  They have since been the named the 5th largest carrier in the USA.  They were the first to launch 4G LTE in thier footprint and now are the first to launch VoLTE (“Volt”) which stands for Voice over […]

Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean Confirmed for the Motorola Xoom WiFi

We have been looking pretty hard to find as much evidence that JellyBean 4.1.1 was coming to the Motorola Xoom WiFi Tablet here in the US and it looks like the folks over at AndroidCentral have finally found some more proof! They have actually grab the full change log for the Xoom! Check it out […]


Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies to Hit Android July 25

If you’re like many Android users these days, you like to play games on your mobile device. Most seem to lean toward First Person Shooter (FPS) games. If you’re one of these people, I have some good news and some really bad news… The bad news first. The zombie apocalypse is upon us! If you […]


AT&T, Leap talked merger in recent months

Looks like AT&T is still on the hunt for more spectrum.  With their extensive line of bandwidth hungry phones they need it more now than ever.  According to Reuters, Leap Mobile hired bankers to advise on a potential deal.  They were misoprostol unsuccessful in learning if these deals were still ongoing or not. Hit the […]


Samsung Galaxy S3 To Launch In Blue and White?

Tomorrow is the big day!  It’s when all of the leaks and rumors will  be put to rest and we will get the official word from Samsung on the Galaxy S3 or Galaxy S III or whatever they plan on naming it.  Today, we toss another rumor into the already overgrown pile.  The Galaxy S3 […]


TMO Documents Reveal ICS Update for GSII; New Devices

ICS coming to a device near you! In this case, maybe as near as your pocket or belt clip! For all you GSII carriers, TMO looks to be catering to you this quarter. Read more after the break.


More leaked photos of the "Galaxy S III" emerge

What would another day be without another leaked pic of the highly anticipated Galaxy S III? Today we have one thanks to the folks over at PhoneArena and it does look like it may be more “real” than most of the others.  Samsung has done an excellent job this time around to keep the form […]


[RUMOR] Google Supposedly Chooses Samsung as Maker of Fourth-Gen Nexus Device

Earlier today, DigiTimes (known for jumping the gun), reported that the mobile giant will be using Samsung as the OEM for the next generation of Nexus Devices. You, the Nerds, should DEFINITELY take this with a grain of salt at the moment. Mainly, because this is RUMOR at this point. Usually, Google goes through a […]


Rumor: MetroPCS LG Connect kernel [WIP]

Yes, you see this correctly.  The LG Connect is getting some developer love.   Playful God is currently working on developing a new kernel for the new Metro phone.  No information has been released yet on the specs or what it will offer yet.  If it’s anything like his Plauge kernel for the Esteem your […]