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Kyocera Hydro Vibe front angle low-res

Kyocera Hydro Vibe latest to get Wi-Fi Calling update

Kyocera Hydro Vibe is the latest smartphone from Sprint to get Wi-Fi Calling. The software update is rolling out now, and an update notification will be pushed to all our Hydro Vibe customers automatically during the next few weeks. Wi-Fi Calling is available at no additional charge1 and lets you use voice and messaging services […]

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Froggy Wireless continues free activations and ports through the month of June

After Froggy Wireless decided to cancel the free activations program that had been running from April to May, there was a huge cry from people for them to continue the free activations. Froggy Wireless couldn’t help but to continue it for at least one more month.


Verizon Carrier Billing Now Available

Remember when you could get ringtones from those mobile sites and bill it to your phone bill? If you’re like me, you were wondering where that option disappeared to! Anyway, its back and ready to use in the Play Store!

T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note 2 overview

The wait is over the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has hit American soil.( At least for T-mobile and Sprint customers other carriers coming in November). Opening the box and seeing that 5.5 inch super Amoled display was like seeing Christmas morning for the first time. I upgraded to the note 2 from the Samsung Galaxy […]


CyanogenMod 10 on T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S lll

Are you sick of waiting for Samsung to release the latest and greatest Android os 4.1.1 jellybean? Well I am and that exactly why I installed CyanogenMod 10 on my Galaxy s3 sgh-t999 T-mobile variant. Following this guide WILL void your warranty. I can confirm that this works on the T-mobile Samsung Galaxy s3 and […]

[Review] Mugen Power Extended battery for the HTC Amaze 4G on T-Mobile

With all the things we rely on our smartphones to do to keep us on track in our daily lives, there seems to be one glaring problem. Battery life. There is never enough of it. You always seem to run out when you need your device the most. What can be done about this problem? […]


MobiHand, Inc. Files for Bankruptcy in California – Full List of Creditors/Developers Owed Money!

Via Our sister site NerdBerry: With all of the highs and lows MobiHand, Inc. has filed for bankruptcy in California. Back on September 6th Mobihand announced that they have shutdown. According to the filing there are 235 creditors owed money… Hit the break to see the full list! I just spoke with Hedone from I-Mentalist, […]


Verizon offers hidden 20GB shared data plan for $150

This is a nice little tid bit of information, thanks to a friend of our for showing this to us! With Big Red they have up to 10GB shared data for $100….so we thought. Now it seems that they actually do have a larger data plan for an additional $5 0. The need for 20GB […]


Sprint MVNO Ting to offer Galaxy S3

Samsung’s flagship, the Galaxy S3, will be joining the prepaid party with Ting. Ting is a lesser known MVNO from Sprint. The Galaxy S3 is set to be shipped in 3-6 weeks. Ting has it set for pricing at $529 for the 16GB version and $579 for the 3 2GB version. While this may seem […]


Verizon to pay $1.25M FCC fine; forced to allow tethering apps

This has been a hot topic for some time now. It was even hot back in ’08 when I worked for the company as a CSR. After numerous complaints the FCC finally opened an investigation and found VZW violated the open access conditions that were placed Keep Overall Foundation choose and thinning two Frizz-Free. Colored […]