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Verizon celebrates one year of 4G LTE deployment, and teases Nexus device as well as two new XYboards tablets

Today marks the one year anniversary of the initial deployment of Verizon’s 4G/LTE network.  Since its launch the LTE network as become the measuring stick that all other carriers have to face.  The speeds that Verizon smartphones and tablets are now receiving is mind-blowing, considering it was only a few years ago that EDGE/2G was […]


LTE Galaxy Nexus Speed Test with other Goodies

We’ve been seeing a lot of Galaxy Nexus news latly and none of them have any confirmation on the release date. One of Droid Life sources recived a video showing the speedtest of the LTE Nexus device.


Android 4.0 Upgrade list!

With Ice Cream Sandwich right around the corner, and ROMS are being installed on the Nexus S and so forth. Below is a list of Devices that are expected, maybe and definitely won’t get Ice Cream Sandwich update:


Speed results on AT&T 4G Network

The HTC Vivid and Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket are the newest AT&T 4G devices arrive to the carrier. So question being is, how well does AT&T 4G network stack up against Verizon? Answer: it does a great job. Users in Dallas/Fort Worth, San Antonio and Chicago are reporting speeds ranging from 15Mbps to a incredible 65Mbps. With […]


Big Red's 4G LTE Device Comparison Chart

  If you’re like me, you shop around for devices rather than jump as soon as a new wave drops. Well, Verizon makes it easy with their comparison chart! Check it out after the break.

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HTC Raider 4G LTE from Bell Coming November 1st

Bell has just sent out some emails and the page has gone live for the HTC Raider 4G LTE.  The HTC Raider is being dubbed as Canada’s first LTE smartphone, which I suppose is true as they have beat Rogers out of the gate with a November 1st launch date.  That is right you can […]


AT&T also announces the HTC Vivid, another 4G LTE Android device

AT&T is definitely making their move into the 4G/LTE smartphone game with the announcement of two new devices today.  We have just let you know about the Samsung Skyrocket (a Galaxy S II variant) and now we have the HTC Vivid.  The Vivid was previously known as the Raider, and still is in some areas.  The HTC Vivid […]


Bell will also be releasing the HTC Raider 4G LTE

Well we just brought you news that Rogers was going to be releasing the HTC Raider LTE smartphone, and not to be out done it looks like Bell will be doing the same.  This should be interesting as I am sure that the two carriers will partake in some price wars to ensure that they […]


Motorola RAZR Event

The Motorola RAZR has been afficially announced. Measuring at 7.1mm thin and calling it the “world’s thinnest smartphone”. It has a 4.3″ Super AMOLED Advanced qHD display, (which looked beautiful in the video), first phone to download full HD videos


[Press Release] Rogers Expandng LTE Coverage and Announces HTC Jetstream Tablet As First LTE Tablet In Canada

Rogers, one of the largest carriers in Canada, is expanding its LTE network to Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver.  They issued a press release for it today.  This is really good to hear since the US has already started implementing the massive network overhaul to 4G with several carriers now.  With this press release they also […]