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Samsung Proclaim now showing on Net10 site

I knew it wouldn’t be long until this happened. Net10 is now showing the Proclaim too.  Right now it is still pre-order and will ship in 1-2 weeks.   The price tag is from $180 to $245 depending on just the phone or if you bundle it with minutes. Hit the break for the link….


Optimus Net And Optimus Q Now Showing On Net10 Website As Pre-Order

We have a lot of MVNO readers that really don’t get the news they deserve to read.  While most of the websites do have wonderful news; most cover the big name carriers.  At we want to cover all, heck, I am a Pre-Paid customer.  Hit the break to read more about how to pre-order […]


Net10 Wireless to get LG Optimus Q and LG Optimus Net

Net10 is one of the largest PrePaid companies around.  You can find it at almost every department store.  Well it looks like they are jumping on the Android party train and adding 2 LG phones to the mix.  The Optimus Q and Optimus Net are coming soon.  Seems like every company is in the race […]