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Costco Bringing the Heat with the Bionic Bundle!

If you are a Costco member, you might want to check this deal out! Costco is advertising an accessory bundle, including: the DROID Bionic, a Vehicle Nav dock, standard dock, AND  the battery charger with a second battery! That’s over $150 worth of accessories, and all this will only cost you $279! WOW! [talkandroid]

Samsung Stratosphere Coming to Big Red; Epic 4g Look-Alike

With all the super phones being released, this one almost slipped throught the cracks. I guess VZW still has a heart for the budget-minded consumer. Hit the break for more on this budget slider…

Droid X Official SBF Released

FINALLY!! I don’t have to sbf all the way back to froyo if i come across a bad install. Now there is an official Gingerbread sbf to flash! There is also a new RSDLite to help. Let the ROM flashing begin! Hit the break to get the file…

DROID Bionic get Perma-Root A Week Before Launch

The guys over at MyDroidWorld have rooted the upcoming Bionic! They noticed that a weakness in the Droid3 bootloader and have used itvto gain root access on the Bionic, and most all Moto devices for that matter. We’ll hafta see how stable the build is when the Bionic FINALLY DROPS! Stay tuned for more on […]

Big Red Offering Customers Early Upgrades in Time For Fall Superphone Lineup

Here goes Verizon, with one of its “lockdown” tactics. If you are a long-time VZW customer, you may want to check your email!

Nexus Prime Support Page Now Live

We’ve all been seeing all these rumors floating around the past few days. Among all the chaos, the support page for Prime has been spotted. No real surprise when it comes to specs (just check my Prime post a couple days ago!). In reality, though, this could mean the release date for this King among […]

LG VS920 Passes Through FCC

A while back, there was a leaked Verizon Roadmap that showed the LG VS920 as an upcoming device. Now we have a blueprint passing throught the hands of the FCC. The good thing about this device, rumored to be the Revolution 2, is that it will handle both CDMA and GSM bands, as well as […]

Bionic Twitter Page Dubbed Fake

That’s right. This new trend of making fake pages for upcoming devices is slightly getting under my skin. As it is with most of my fellow bloggers. Someone always has to exploit us with regards to Android news and info. With all the hype surrounding the new devices, foremost the Bionic, one has to think […]

Leaked: Pics of HTC Vigor

Just a few hours ago, we reported that the Vigor received its papers for Bluetooth 3.0. Now we have the first (of hundreds to come, I’m sure) pics of the upcoming LTE device. I won’t bore you with specs, but rest assured, it hangs with the best! Stay tuned for more as it leaks… [phandroid] […]

HTC Vigor Receives Bluetooth 3.0 Certification

Alongside the Nexus Prime, the HTC device, which is slated for an early October release, is racking up the software certifications. Being hidden among the big boys of the upcoming generation of devices is helping HTC create an anxious majority within the community. Can’t wait to see the new device drop? Let us know what […]