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Thunderbolt Receives An OK from FCC, Still No Official Release Date

The HTC Thunderbolt on Verizon has garnered itself quite a bit of attention, and not only because it will be Verizon’s first LTE smartphone (well we hope it will stil be the first).  The good news is that Verizon can now legally sell the device to you, as it has passed through the FCC and […]

Thunderbolt Launch Delays, No ETA At The Moment

Earlier today Amazon put up on their Thunderbolt page that the device was to be available on February 14th, as was the common consensus.  It appears now that Verizon has delayed the launch of the Thunderbolt with no current ETA.  Numerous sites have received this info, and it is suprising as most of the promotional information  has been sent […]

Amazon States HTC Thunderbolt Is Coming February 14th

The actual release date of the Thunderbolt seems to be up in the air again, but Amazon has put up on their site that it will be available on February 14th as we had all suspected.  Now there has been more news on this front today, but as it stood earlier today Amazon still had the “coming soon” date as the […]

Pre-Orders For The Thunderbolt Start Today At Best Buy

Even though we stil don’t have a launch date set in stone yet, you can run out to Best Buy today and pre-order yourself a HTC Thunderbolt for a $50 deposit.  The actually launch date has been back and forth between several dates, and we still don’t have a firm date.  Hopefully now that the pre-orders have […]

We May See The Thunderbolt Sooner Than Expected, According To Verizon

With the iPhone making it’s way to Verizon many are starting to look away from their Android devices, but the Thunderbolt from HTC may be a saving grace.  We have all seen the glimpses of photos and even a video or two, but now Verizon is saying that we might see the device sooner than […]

Unofficial Unboxing Of The HTC Thunderbolt

If the thunderbolt is the phone that you have been waiting for since you saw it at CES, well look no further here is a unboxing video to give you your fix.  The Thunderbolt is definitely one sexy, power house of a phone and it looks like it will live up to all the hype. […]

HTC Thunderbolt Launch Date And Price All But Confirmed

The rumored launch date and price of the new HTC thunderbolt have been a hot topic for a few weeks now.  Well it seems that Droid-Life got a tip that the Thunderbolt will be launching on February 24th, and will be $249.99 on a 2 year contract. This is not a bad price for the […]

Verizon’s Thunderbolt Training Have Reportedly Begun, Rumors Of Simultaneous Voice And Data On 3G Start As Well

According to a tip that Droid-Life got the Verizon training for the new HTC Thunderbolt has started this week. This is promising for anyone that is waiting on the T-Bolt to drop into stores, as training usually starts a few weeks prior to the release, and there have been rumblings of a February 14th launch […]

Verizon Updating Their Tiered Data Plans In Anticipation Of LTE Devices

This really comes as no surprise as we all kind of knew that Verizon would most likely be making some changes to their data plans when LTE rolled out.  Verizon has decided to get rid of their $15 15oMB plan and if you look closely you will notice that the $30 unlimited plan has seen some restrictions […]

Verizon’s “New Every Two” Is Officially Done

There had been rumors and reports a few weeks back regarding Verizon’s upgrade policies and whether or not their “New Every Two” plan would be getting the axe.  Well today it is official that this deal is done and gone.  This will be another blow to those of us that like to upgrade our devices as soon […]