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Love Slacker Radio? Want to Win a One Year Subscription to Slacker Premium From @AndroidNerds….

If you are a music buff like I am you have tried just about every music application available for almost every platform available. That being said Slacker is my go to for internet radio. AndroidNerds and Slacker Radio have gotten together to offer you a chance to win one of the following subscriptions: One 1-year […]


HTC Gives Sense 3.5 Users 5GB of DropBox space

HTC in partnership with the popular cloud service DropBox has announced it will be giving Sense 3.5 users 5GB of space which was previously 2GB for standard users.  This additional space is for people to store files, music, videos or anything else they want and or need to store.  One of the new phones that […]

Google Music Beta Is Now Live And Accepting Invite Requests [Updated With Video]

The second new service that Google announced today was their Music Beta, that has been highly anticipated for almost a year now.  The Music app is currently in beta and you have to request an invite to be included, which can be done here. Unfortunately this service is only available for the US, so I […]