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BIG Red training employees on the upcoming HTC Thunderbolt!

We stil do not have an official release date, however from the photo above it appears BIG Red has begun training on the new HTC Thunderbolt! We don’t think you will have to wait long before you can get your sticky little hands on this device. Source

Is The Motorola Atrix 4G Coming March 1st????

As we have said time and time again since CES, the Motorola Atrix 4G is probably the most anticipated new device.  Today there is a leaked screen shot that shows the Atrix may be coming out on AT&T on March 1st, a little sooner that some had expected.  The gang over at Android central received some internal […]

Rumors Of Xperia Arc Running Android 2.4 Dismissed By Sony Ericsson

If you remember back to last week there was a pic of the Xperia Arc leaked out prior to its announcement and it showed an Android version of 2.4.  Well today SE today dismissed the rumors of the Arc running 2.4 and said that it was a misconfiguration issue.  Sony Ericsson’s Rikard Skogberg also went […]

Google’s Matias Duarte Talks About Honeycomb And The Future Of Android

If you have been wondering whether or not Honeycomb will ever make it’s way to your phone, this is a definitely an interview you need to watch. Engadget got a chance to sit down and interview Matias Duarte, Google’s Director of User Experience and the man behind much of the UI direction of Android 2.3 Gingerbread […]

LG And Verizon Announce The LG Revolution

Dr. Jong-seok Park of LG Electronics took the stage today announced the LG Revolution on the Verizon LTE network.  The Revolution is LG’s first LTE device and it is a looker.  The press event is still in progress but there have been some specs released so far, so please take a look and we will try to […]

Samsung And Verizon Announce Samsung 4G LTE Device

LTE devices are falling from the sky in Vegas this week.  Right after the HTC Thunderbolt was announced, Samsung stepped up to the plate and announced their Verizon 4G LTE device.  There is no actual catchy name as of yet, just call it the Samsung 4G LTE…. boring!  But it is nice to see that […]

HTC And Verizon Officially Announce The Thunderbolt

Today at CES Peter Chou From HTC took the stage and announced the HTC Thunderbolt that is coming to Verizon.  This is HTC’s first LTE device and Mr. Chou has been personally using it for a little while now and says that it is “blazing fast”, but its not like he would say that a […]

Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc Specs And Video Released

We saw a quick glimpse of the Arc yesterday, well today the Xperia Arc is official and SE has released all the specs and some catchy little videos to go along with it.  Thankfully it looks like this SE phone will not go to the wayside like the X10 which it seems will never even get Froyo.  The full […]

Introducing the First T-Mobile 4G Tablet: The LG G-Slate with Google

Mobile Link T-Mobile has teamed up with LG to infrduce their first 4G tablet, called the G-Slate. Here is what we know about the G-Slate: The G-Slate will run Android 3.0 (Honeycomb), and be on T-Mobile’s 4G network and it is powered with Google. We do not have any other details at this time on the G-Slate. As […]

Welcome The Motorola Xoom To The World

As was expected the Motorola Xoom was officially announced today by Motorola in their press conference.  The Xoom will be a 10.1″ tablet with a 1280×800 sized screen, and of course will feature Honeycomb which is the new Android OS made for tablets.  The Xoom will be running a Tegra 2 dual-core processor and will […]