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Google I/O Bootcamp Videos Start To Go Up

If you are a developer and weren’t able to attend Google IO this year, and I am sure there are lots of you judging by the speed in which the conference sold out, all the Bootcamp videos have started to go up. These videos are a great instructional tool for developers of all levels, whether […]

Google I/O Day 2 Chrome Keynote Is Now Available [Video]

If you missed the Chrome keynote this morning at Google I/O, or just feel like watching it again you now can. This morning’s keynote covered some of the very exciting things that are happening in the Chrome environment. We saw Angry Birds for Chrome get announced, adn we also saw the introduction of the Chromebook […]

Chrome Day At Google I/O Saw The Introduction Of The Chromebook

As we have already stated today at Google I/O was all about Chrome and the advancements that Google has made in the web browsing experience.  They have also released some information on their Chrome OS which will provide you an OS that is run completely off of the web.  Welcome to the world the Chromebook, […]

Android Market Gets Huge Increase In App Sizes And More Options For Developers

One of the new features for the Android Market that Google has announced today is that app size limits will get a huge bump fro 50MB up to 4Gb.  This means that instead of downloading a portion of the app/game/etc from the Market and then having to do further downloads to use it, you will […]

Angry Birds Coming To The Chrome Webstore

Well the second day of Google I/O is in full swing and today’s keynote was all about Chrome.  One of the major announcements to come out of the new developments that have been made on teh Chrome browser is that Rovio’s Angry Birds game is coming to the Webstore.  Previously the game was not able […]

Galaxy Tab 10.1 Gets A Quick And Easy Root

Well this should come as no surprise considering the tablet was handed out to a bunch of developers at Google I/O yesterday, but the unreleased Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 now as root.  The method is actually a very quick and easy one, which is nice to see.  Whether or not the retail version of the tablet will be so easy to […]

Google I/O Keynote Day One Now Available For Viewing [Video]

If you weren’t able to be at I/O this year, or missed the keynote live stream, the entire keynote is now available for your viewing pleasure.  There are some really good demonstrations of the new features and services that were annonced today so I would recommend checking this one out if you have an hour to spare. We saw some pretty amazing […]

Google announces Android At Home at Google IO 2011

One of the neatest features in my opinion to come out of IO 2011 from Google is something called Android At Home.   This will allow you to control appliances in your home such as lights, stereos, and more all from your Android device. Imagine coming home and turning on the lights before walking inside your […]

Samsung And Google Hand Out 5,000 Galaxy Tab 10.1’s To I/O Attendees

Ever have one of those moments where you just wish you had been able to make it to an event? Well I had one about an hour ago when Hugo Bara from Google announced that every attendee of Google IO would be receiving an unreleased Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. Yes folks you just read that […]

Andy Rubin Confirms A New Nexus Is In The Works

During the Android Q&A after the keynote at Google IO today Andy Rubin has been bombarded with question regarding Ice Cream Sandwich and what requirements it will entail. One of the major questions on everyone’s minds is whether or not it will work on our current devices, one of the questions was “will Ice Cream […]