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HTC: Fix is on the way for security flaw

Just a few days ago Android Police discovered a massive security issues that affects a lot of HTC phones running Sense UI.  HTC was immediately notified of the issue after thorough testing to confirm.  HTC did their own testing and did in fact confirm the issue.  The are investigating the security flaw and are diligently […]

Huawei Announces Its Ideos Line

Thin, thin, thin. That seems to be the gist of the new line of devices from Chinese smartphone maker Huawei. The line includes the Ideos X3 Android-Powered smartphone, and the Ideos S7 slim tablet. The X3 will sport a 3.2 inch HVGA touchscreen, and will run Gingerbread. It has been dubbed the thinnest device in […]

NVIDIA Ups Themselves With KA-EL Quad Core Tegra Project

Coming out of CES we all thought that the Tegra 2 from NVIDIA was the best thing to hit the smartphone industry, well now NVIDIA is showing off something even better.  NVIDIA did some demonstrations of their new Tegra CPU project named KA-EL to day at MWC, and it is quad-core awesomeness!!!  Now this is […]

HTC Flyer Will Receive Honeycomb With Update

While the HTC Flyer definitely raised some attention today, the one area that was questioned was that it was launching with Android 2.4 (Gingerbread) in Q2.  The fact that the Flyer was not going to launch with Honeycomb really put some people off.  Well HTC has come out and stated that they plan on releasing […]

Schmidt Reveals The “I” Will Be A Blending Of Gingerbread And Honeycomb

Eric Schmidt really pulled out all the stops during his keynote today at MWC, not only did he discuss the pure numbers involved with Android, the activations and apps, but he also revealed what we can expect from the next operating system.  The “I” ias rumored to stand for “Ice Cream” or “Ice Cream Sandwich”, […]

Rumor: HTC Facebook Phones Show Up In Press Shots

Now there have been rumors flying around about a Facebook phone, the HTC Facebook phone…. basically there has been a rumor regarding a Facebook phone of some sort for a few months now.  The original thought of Facebook making their own device was quickly denied, and really didn’t make any sense at all.  Enter the […]

Vodafone UK Gets Exclusivity To The Galaxy Tab 10.1″, And Announces 3 New Phones

Vodafone Uk has announced today that they have exclusive rights to the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in the UK.  They don’t have any pricing or release dates at this point, but we can hope it will be soon! They have also announced some of their new phones that we have seen at CES and MWC.  The […]

LG Optimus Pad Promo Video, “Virtual Steve Jobs” Look Alike Gets Kicked In Face

This made me laugh and I had to share it with all of you.  Whether LG intentionally did this or not, it is still hilarious.  In this promo video for the Optimus Pad at the the 1 minute mark there is a demonstration of a dual-core tablet vs. a single-core tablet running a game titled “Spec […]

UK Carriers Orange And Three Announce They Will Carry The Optimus 3D

Now that the Optimus 3D is official we can now start to find out which carriers will be stocking the new device. First to bat are Three and Orange, two UK carriers that came out almost right after the announcement by LG to state that they would be carrying the 3D device. While both Three […]

Motorola Announces The Droid Pro For Europe

During the craziness that is MWC, Motorola has announced that they are bringing the Droid Pro to Europe under the Motorola Pro name.  The Motorola Pro is targeted towards the enterprise market with it’s full QWERTY keyboard, as well as it’s enhanced security measures such as remote wiping of the device and SD card, SD […]