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Test Drive Windows Phone 7 via your Android Browser

I’m sure we all have had thoughts of trying a Windows Phone, actually I can’t wait to visit my cousin in Windsor, Canada just to give the UI a test run. Microsoft has done a great job to let you see what the UI looks like through your Android Browser


Android 4.0 Upgrade list!

With Ice Cream Sandwich right around the corner, and ROMS are being installed on the Nexus S and so forth. Below is a list of Devices that are expected, maybe and definitely won’t get Ice Cream Sandwich update:


Samsung Stratosphere 4G LTE And Dell Streak 7 On Best Buy Black Friday List

Yet another Black Friday deal; this time from Best Buy.  According to the ad the Stratosphere from VZW and the Dell Streak 7″ tablet will be included in the stampede.  The Samsung Stratosphere will be free with new 2yr contract but the Streak’s price has yet to be released.  This could mean it’s a really awesome deal or […]

Dell Streak 5 is gone for good

The Dell Streak 5 …… gone.  But is it forgotten?  While it has been pulled some claim it is getting an overhaul and will be back…..