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LEAK: MetroPCS Getting A New 4G Device – Huawei Activia 4G

Earlier today I got word from a Metro dealer today, apparently they are getting a new phone to thier lineup.  The Huawei Activia 4G isn’t a real impressive phone for a power user but will suffice for a budget low-end phone.  My dealer friend says we should expect the phone to be around $180-$200 approx. […]


Huawei plans to show off Diamond series of smartphones at MWC

There weren’t that many show-stopping Android phones displayed at CES this year, but Huawei did display their P1 S that turned some heads.  In an interview with TWICE Huawei Chairman, Richard Wu, revealed that Huawei is getting ready to display their Diamond series phones that will surpass the P1 S in terms of specs.


ESPN and Slacker Radio make a Deal to bring Live Sporting Events via Stream

ESPN and Slacker radio have signed a deal earlier this morning that will allow you to stream live sporting events in addition to the ESPN Radio shows already offered. Tonight’s BCS Championship will be the first game featured on Slacker radio but will only be via the web on An Android update is expected […]


Huawei will Show Off two New Phones at CES

Huawei has announced two new smartphones, the Ascend P1 S and the Ascend P1. They will be unveiling them at CES at 8 a.m. PST The Ascend P1 S will be the world’s thinnest smartphone, measuring in at 6.68 mm thin. The P1 is the same phone, just a tad thicker (most likely for the […]


MotoACTV App for Non-Motorola Phones

MotoACTV was announced along side with the DROID RAZR, and was said to only be compatible with Motorola devices. Leaving everyone that wants to buy one but doesn’t have a Moto product behind. That statement doesn’t hold water anymore. The developer community has made MotoACTV now available to be used with all Android phones, so you can accept calls, texts […]


.99 cents Games coming from Gameloft

For all you mobile and tablet gamers, get ready for tomorrow. Gameloft is offering five games for whopping .99 cents starting Dec. 29 and ending January 5th. Below is a list of the games that will be on sale. Asphalt 6: Adrenaline Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus N.O.V.A. 2 HD, The Adventures of Tintin – […]


SB Nation app now available for Android

SB Nation is a popular sports app that has been available for iOS for a while now. If you are a sports fan like I am, I’m glad to see it rolling out to Android devices.       With the app, you can: Access the Newsfeed, which aggregates all of the latest news for […]


BT suing Google for Alleged Patent Infringement

WIth everyone filling except their mother filing lawsuits against Android, British Telecom joins the inn crowd. British Telecom is suing Google in the U.S. over claims that six of its patents have been infringed on by technology found in our beloved Android devices, from the system itself through to Google+, Maps, Docs, Gmail and other Google […]


Huawei M835 tokidoki Sanctioned Edition Images

MetroPCS announced the tokidoki sanctioned Huawei M835.  As a graphic designer and MetroPCS customer this really excited me.  tokidoki, which means “Sometimes” in Japanese is a younger generation Japanese image company with some nice stuff.  You can visit their website here, read the press release post here and see the pic if you hit the break.


Huawei "Boulder" u8350 Arriving At Wind Mobile According To Webinar

The other day we were told about this Huawei coming to Wind Mobile.  The Huawei Boulder is an Android 2.2 smartphone with a full QWERTY keyboard. It has a 2.6-inch TFT display with QVGA resolution, a 3.2MP camera, Bluetooth 2.1 and expandable memory up to 32GB.  No dates mentioned on release, but when we know […]