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Hulu Available for all Android Devices

An XDA-Developer member blunttedsmurf has posted a modified Hulu apk that can be installed on any Android device. This is great news for all of us who wanted to watch Hulu on your device, wwell now you we can. The APK does not need root access to work, so releif for all you non-rooted owners. […]


ESPN and Slacker Radio make a Deal to bring Live Sporting Events via Stream

ESPN and Slacker radio have signed a deal earlier this morning that will allow you to stream live sporting events in addition to the ESPN Radio shows already offered. Tonight’s BCS Championship will be the first game featured on Slacker radio but will only be via the web on An Android update is expected […]


MotoACTV App for Non-Motorola Phones

MotoACTV was announced along side with the DROID RAZR, and was said to only be compatible with Motorola devices. Leaving everyone that wants to buy one but doesn’t have a Moto product behind. That statement doesn’t hold water anymore. The developer community has made MotoACTV now available to be used with all Android phones, so you can accept calls, texts […]


.99 cents Games coming from Gameloft

For all you mobile and tablet gamers, get ready for tomorrow. Gameloft is offering five games for whopping .99 cents starting Dec. 29 and ending January 5th. Below is a list of the games that will be on sale. Asphalt 6: Adrenaline Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus N.O.V.A. 2 HD, The Adventures of Tintin – […]


GTA 3 sells for $2.99 for the Holidays

I picked up Grand Theft Auto 3 for my tablet last week, and I got to say the controls and animation is just as good as it was on the console. Until December 29th you can get GTA3 for $2.99 which is a great price for a big game like this. GTA can keep you busy especially […]


SB Nation app now available for Android

SB Nation is a popular sports app that has been available for iOS for a while now. If you are a sports fan like I am, I’m glad to see it rolling out to Android devices.       With the app, you can: Access the Newsfeed, which aggregates all of the latest news for […]


BT suing Google for Alleged Patent Infringement

WIth everyone filling except their mother filing lawsuits against Android, British Telecom joins the inn crowd. British Telecom is suing Google in the U.S. over claims that six of its patents have been infringed on by technology found in our beloved Android devices, from the system itself through to Google+, Maps, Docs, Gmail and other Google […]


Contest: Win 1 of 4 invites to Alphascope by Socialscope

  The incredible app from Socialscope has been made into an Android app and is called Alphascope.  We at Androidnerds have come across a few invites to one of the worlds BEST Twitter apps.  No please remember, this is in ALPHA stages and there are still bugs being worked out.  But it’s still one of […]


Entering Day 5 of Google's 10-day, 10-cent apps

Day 5 has arrived with a batch of new apps for 10-cents. Here’s the list for today: Apparatus Age of Zombies Zynga Drop 7 Kids Connect the Dots Snowfall Live Wallpaper Season Zen HD SlideIT Keyboard The Sims 3


Day 4 Of Google’s 10 Days of 10 Cent Apps

That means there’s only 6 more days, so here’s the list for today: Shazam Encore Sentinel 3: Homeworld Baseball Superstars® 2011 Spirit HD Jelly Defense Paper Camera My Beach HD Farm Frenzy Toddler Spanish: 100 words Game Dev Story