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Galaxy Tab 10.1 update to Android 3.2 having WiFi Issues (Update)

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 is receiving Android 3.2 update, from reports that’s not a good thing. A lot of complaints are hitting the forums complaining that half way through the process the update will fail and also noticed that


Pricing for Galaxy Nexus and Release details announced for Three UK

November 17th is the date announced for the Galaxy Nexus in the UK, but no pricing was ever released till now. The Nexus is available at a great price, you can walk out the store with it for free with a new two-year £34 per month contract. Even better news for an additional  £3 per month, […]


Galaxy Nexus going to receive a 1850mAh Standart Battery

We all know that the Euro version of the Galaxy Nexus will have a 1750mAh battery. I know I’m a little concerned that it won’t be enough on Verizon’s LTE network. Within the last week talk has surfaced


New Data Plans for Tablets and Mobile BroadBand get announced from Sprint

Sprint announced the pricing detailing the new data plans for tablets and mobile broadband (ie non-smartphones) today. The breakdown includes all pricing for 3G and 4G data:


Unboxing and first impressions of the Rogers Motorola RAZR

Friday we saw the release of the Motorola Droid RAZR on Verizon.  The resurrection of the RAZR name has been met with some mixed reviews, and it seems to be a love or hate relationship.  Earlier in the week Rogers in Canada also released the Motorola RAZR, without the Droid branding and the lack of […]

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iFixit slices open the Motorola Droid RAZR

Those crazy guys over at iFixit are at it again, as they have gotten their hands on a new Motorola Droid RAZR this time around.  Since I am not willing to teardown my own personal Motorola RAZR, this was one teardown I was really looking forward to.  With the RAZR being uber thin at 7.1mm, […]


HTC Sensation XE “coming soon” to Orange UK

UK carrier Orange will be receiving another high-end Android device soon.  They announced today that they will be carrying the HTC Sensation XE, which of course is a Beats Audio version of the Sensation most of us know.  The Sensation XE also carries a larger processor, 1.5GHz, and a larger battery than it’s non-Beats version.  Previously O2 […]


Samsung Stratosphere 4G LTE And Dell Streak 7 On Best Buy Black Friday List

Yet another Black Friday deal; this time from Best Buy.  According to the ad the Stratosphere from VZW and the Dell Streak 7″ tablet will be included in the stampede.  The Samsung Stratosphere will be free with new 2yr contract but the Streak’s price has yet to be released.  This could mean it’s a really awesome deal or […]


Galaxy Prevail will be $69 At Walmart On Black Friday

Black Friday means two thing, GREAT deals and long frustrating lines and crowds….ok 3 things.  Either way, you know Walmart will be backed in general.  So to give you a bit of an advantage we found some deals to work with.  The Samsung Galaxy Prevail with Boost will be a drop bottom price of $69.  That’s a […]


Galaxy Nexus Cases Leaked

November 10, 17, post-Black Friday and November 21 where rumored dates of the Galaxy Nexus, but no official work from Big Red. While we wait on the announcement for the Galaxy Nexus, DroidLife received