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[RUMOR] Google Supposedly Chooses Samsung as Maker of Fourth-Gen Nexus Device

Earlier today, DigiTimes (known for jumping the gun), reported that the mobile giant will be using Samsung as the OEM for the next generation of Nexus Devices. You, the Nerds, should DEFINITELY take this with a grain of salt at the moment. Mainly, because this is RUMOR at this point. Usually, Google goes through a […]


Samsung reports five million Galaxy Notes shipped to date, launching in Japan with LTE on April 6th

The Samsung Galaxy Note is either a device that you love or you hate. It does not pull at your heart-strings the way ion which the Galaxy S II did when it launched, but the Note seemed to be doing well. This morning Samsung has released some numbers on the Note, and they are stating […]


AT&T Announces ICS for a Multitude of Devices, Including HTC's Vivid

That’s right!  This afternoon, AT&T announced the ICS update for the HTC Vivid. Who knew that the giant would be the first to push out an official 4.0 update! Curious to see the list? Hit the break for the entire press release!


Video preview of the Galaxy Note's "Premium Suite" of apps, and a litte ICS as well

We reported this morning that Samsung has pushed back the Android 4.0 update for the Galaxy Note to Q2 2012.  They have now released a video that shows off some of the features and functions of the Premium Suite of apps that is to accompany the update.  Among them is the S Note and My […]


Samsung announces that ICS for the Galaxy Note will come in Q2, along with a "premium suite" of apps

This is not going to be the best of news for any Galaxy Note owners out there.  While we expecting for the Ice Cream Sandwich update for the Note to happen relatively soon, it looks like Samsung has decided to push it back to Q2.  There was no mention of when in Q2, but I […]


Galaxy SIII Release Rescheduled for April?

  Rumors have been floating around for some time, that the upcoming “superphone” from Samsung would be released sometime in May. Now we have news that it has been pushed up to April! Get more after the break…


Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G Available In Select Retail Locations–Full Retail Pricing Available Too!

If you’re on T-Mobile and have wondered what the full retail pricing is going to be for the Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G when it goes on sale in “select retail locations”, you can stop wondering now!  Thanks to a leaked price card, we now know what the price point will be. The Blaze 4G […]


ICS source code for the International Galaxy S II released

While all the Samsung Galaxy S II owners in North America still await their update to ICS, those with the International version are now able to look at the kernel source code from their ICS update.  As per the GNU General Public License, Android OEMs are responsible for releasing the source code for their updates, one […]


Rumored Samsung Galaxy S III gets pictured, and talk of May 22nd London unveiling

The Samsung Galaxy S III is probably the most anticipated Android smartphone at this point.  With Samsung not doing an unveiling at MWC and stating that they will be doing a separate event on their own, the rumor mills have been going full tilt over this phone.  What you can see in this pic is rumored to […]


AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note Plays Nice on T-Mobile's Network with a Little Hacking!

Yup! You read the title correctly.  You can, with a little hacking, make the Samsung Galaxy Note work on T-Mobile’s 4G (HSPA+) network.  This process is a bit involved and is not recommend for the causal user.  You can risk bricking your device if something were to go wrong in the process. Here is what […]