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Sony Ericsson Provides “How-To” For Custom Kernel Building

If there is one thing that most manufacturers don’t want you doing to their devices, it is building a custom kernel and flashing it.  Sony Ericsson has previously been criticized for their lack of updates for older devices, and they have vowed that this year would be different.  First they proved this fact by providing […]

Rogers Has Confirmed Launch Of Xperia Arc And Play For April 28th

Sony Ericsson held an event tonight in Toronto to show off their new Xperia phones, the Arc and the Play and while we were not able to make it to the event the gang over at MobileSyrup were and they have posted this news .  As expected Rogers decided to jump in on the action and make […]

Sony Ericsson Announces Their Own Market Channel

Today Sony Ericsson became the first manufacturer to launch their own Android Market Channel for it’s devices.  SE announced this news today on their blog and the Channel will provide first-party apps to owners of SE devices, and they expect the new Market app to start rolling out to users as of today.  There will […]

Sony Ericsson Xperia Arco Spotted, Japanese Exclusive

We have seen some leaked information reagrding the Xperia Arco here and there, but now we have some solid looking photos to show you what the device looks like.  While this is a device that will only be available in Japan, it is still neat to see what manufacturers are cooking up.  AS you can […]

New Sony Ericsson Xperia Play Commercial, Slightly Tamer Than Previous Ones

If you have not seen the weird and creepy commercials that SE came up with for the Xperia Play you need to search them out. This latest installment is rather tame compared, but still does an excellent job at showing the versatility of this device. This time around it features a car racing game that […]

Xperia Arc Cases Start To Show Up At Future Shop

As I was browsing a local Future Shop today, as I usually try to do every weekend, I noticed a package that had the words “Xperia Arc” on it. Yes folks retailers in Canada already have some Xperia Arc cases out on the floor for sale. This isn’t really surprising, as even though we don’t […]

Sony Ericsson To Offer A Bootloader Unlock Solution On New Xperia Line

I was a little shocked when I woke up this morning and read this, at first I thought I might still be dreaming. However I was not, and it is true that Sony Ericsson is going to offering a bootloader unlock solution for their new Xperia line for 2011. There are a few catches of […]

Gameloft Announces Several Titles For the Xperia Play With A Montage Video

If you are eagerly awaiting the release of the Xperia Play from Sony Ericsson, and have been wondering what games you will be able to get on this new playstation/phone thing….. Gameloft has decided to announce some titles with a nice little montage video of them.  This promotional video displays 10 HD games that really […]

New Xperia Play Ads Drop The Creepy Vibe And Goes All Out On Hilarity!

There were many of us that were wondering what exactly Sony Ericsson was doing with their “Thumbs” and “The Donor” ads for the Xperia Play that were just a little on the creepy side.  They have now launched a new set of ads that feature comedian Kristen Schaal, and well plain and simple they are hilarious!!! Now […]

Sony Ericsson Uses Dancing Robot To Promote The Xperia Arc

If you have run out of creepy ads to run, think back to those thumb ads for the Xperia Play, the next thing to do is use a dancing robot.  Check out this video of Sony Ericcson’s dancing robot they were using to promote the Xperia Arc….. It is just pure awesome!  I’m not sure […]