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Google Maps Updates, Adds Live Transit Schedules

Ok, Google is on a roll these days! For my New York Android users (Lee, this one’s for you, bro.), Google has updated maps to integrate a real-time update stream for all bus lines. This is only available in a few select cities as of yet. These cities include San Diego, Boston, Portland, and San […]


Patrick’s Pick: my6sense Social Networking app

Ok. So, I’m a bit picky when it comes to the way I stay in touch. I set out to find an “all-in-one” social networking app, no avail. I did, on the other hand, find my6sense, which is very close! The only reason I would not give our subject a full “five-star” rating is the […]

Google’s +1 Button Now On The Android Web Market

If you aren’t familiar with the “+1″ button from Google, it is basically a way for you to recommend an app or whatever to anyone on your friends list.  The +1 button has now made it’s way to the Android Web Market, so you can now click it to recommend an app that you really […]

Dolphin HD 5 Sheds It’s Beta Title, And Goes Ads-Free

If you are looking for a new browser for your Android device you may want to check this one out.  The folks over at Dolphin have announced today that Dolphin HD 5 has shed it’s beta title and is now a full blown public release.  Dolphin browsers have always been one of my favourite third party options […]

Patrick’s Pick: Lookout Mobile Security

Have you ever wondered if some of those apps you are downloading are safe? Are you constantly losing your device? Enter Lookout. Lookout Mobile Security is essentially an all-in-one app that gives you that peace of mind that everyone needs these days. If you misplace your phone, you can send a “finding tone”, even if […]

PayPal For Android Receives Update That Includes Mobile Check Capture

If you are an avid user of PayPal I am sure that you have been a little jealous of any of your iOS using friends that already had this feature.  today PayPAl for Android received an update that will allow you to move the app to your SD card as well as adds the Mobile […]

Datpiff Mobile App Review

HEY, android nerds viewers my name is Warren Wilkerson, aka the college geek. I just joined the android nerds team today, and plan to write insightful articles about the android OS. I hope you accept me with open arms like the android nerds team. In addition, I hope my articles will be helpful and informative. […]

Patric’s Pick: Backgrounds

Are you like me and get bored of the same wallpaper, day in and day out? Then my Pick for this week is Backgrounds by Stylem Media. This clever little app lets the user stroll through literally 10,000 or more wallpapers, set it from the app, even save them on your SD Card. I have […]

Adobe Flash 10.3 Now Available From Android Market

Adobe Flash has seen an update today to version 10.3 and it is now available in the Android Market.  This update takes you from 10.2 to 10.3 and doesn’t really provide any really exciting news and seems to be mainly bug fixes.  You can also assume that this update gets Flash ready for the update […]

Parents Rejoice! Content Filtering Implemented in Android Market Update

Some great new features will be popping up on the Market in the next few days we hear. Some users were lucky enough to have received the update already. Seen above is one of many new features being released with the new Market. This is called Content Filtering. It lets you, or the parents of […]