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Make An Online Nandroid Backup without Booting into Recovery

Ugh! I absolutely loathe making a Nandroid. It simply takes entirely too long. Some even report having missed calls and such. Soon this will be a problem of the past, thanks to an up-and-coming developer over at XDA buy levitra . Now you can make a Nandroid and save it to the cloud, all while […]


Hurricane App Released by Red Cross

Just in time for Hurricane viagra online pharmacy Ernesto to make landfall! The Red Cross has released discount viagra australia it’s Hurricane App in the viagra canadian pharmacy Play Store, and it is PACKED with useful features!

Google Wallet Updated! Now Supports All Credit Cards!

  Google wallet is a great concept! The ability to pay for something just by using your phone is great idea for those who use credit cards. However when it first launched it did not support any major credit cards. Well with the most recent update to the application, you can now add your credit […]


Share Your Life Experiences, 36 Seconds at a Time, With Keek

When I saw this, I thought to myself: “of all the names of social networks these days, now I’ve seen them all”. When I saw what it does, it was a different story.


Audiophiles, Stand Up! This App's for You!

If you, like me, listen to music as a way of life, you know how utterly perturbing the sound controls are on your Android device. This app may make that anger dissolve. buying viagra Fine Volume Control gives the user an immense amount of control over tho cheap viagra online se pesky music volumes.


Duo Security Finds Holes in Android OS Using New App "XRay"; Funded by DARPA

Are you one of those people who constantly worry about the security of your wireless device? Ever wonder what avenues hackers can take when attacking your device? Now you can know exactly what those avenues are, using a new app: XRay.

View The World In Your Language With Word Lens for Android

Ever see the iPhone commercial where the camera translated the signage? You gotta admit, it piqued your interest. Ready for your Android to do the same? Read on…

SwiftKey 3 Now Available to the Public

This has been a long time coming, and for good reason. After an extensive beta testing phase, SwiftKey 3 is now officially available on Google Play and the Amazon Appstore,  where for a week it will be on sale for $1.99 / £1.49 / €1.99. Click through for more…


WorldDict for Android; Great Tool for Travellers

You’re in Paris, and you want to know which one of the 50 busses goes straight to the airport. Unless you speak French, this is a real problem. Now that’s where S4BB Limited provides the solution: the WorldDict series for all Android Smartphones. This dictionary application provides easy translation and is fully stored on your […]


Sprint Announces Sprint Guardian – An Industry First Bringing Together Mobile Security and Safety Applications [Press Release]

We lock our house when we leave, we lock our cars when we leave it, we lock our phones while we have it; the fact is that we all value safety and want to feel secure.  Sprint has done this for us by bringing mobile security mixed with safety apps.  Sprint Guardian allows parents to location […]