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Chrome For Android to Lose Beta Status

Chrome for Android has only been on the market for a few months, but has made a ruckus in the mobile browsing arena. Today, we learned that the smooth little browser is about to drop out of the beta phase. Click through to read on…


Chrome for Android Beta updated with bug fixes

For those of you that are lucky enough to be running ICS the beta of Chrome for Android has received an update.  The update mainly includes bug fixes, with one big one that now allows for Chrome to open on certain versions of ICS.  This is of course fairly important as the beta only works […]


Notion Ink Adam gets Ice Cream Sandwich

Earlier this week Notion Ink released a picture showing Android 4.0 running on a Adam tablet. They’ve been heavily at work on developing Ice Cream Sandwich on the tablet, and just recently they’ve released a video showing it in action. The build is still in very early stages and issues like screen flashes and lot […]


Swiftkey Testing Multitouch

Swiftkey is now testing a feature that might help you type faster even if your already quick with the keyboard. Multitouch is in the works for tablets and smartphones, and it’s being tested in a two-week alpha stage for the developer’s VIP track.


CyanogenMod 7 For Droid 3 Coming Soon

With Cyanogen it’s never a case of IF, more like when.  Droid 3 is looking like it will receive some CM7 Gingerbread in the near future.  Right now it is still early early development stages the masterminds behind the most widely used ROM are coming close to a possible beta early release.  As of right […]


Issimo For Android Gets New Update For TMZ VIP members

We received word from @britishturbo that a new update for Issimo is available at for VIP members.  You may remember when we wrote an article about Issimo previously.  We are unsure about changes or improvements to Issimo at this time.  You can become VIP at TMZ here. via @BritishTurbo

DROID 2 to get CM7 in near future

As an owner of the DROID X, I love to see news like this! And as a natural hacker (it runs in the family), of cousre I’m running  a custom ROM. Actually, I’m running the latest from our resident developer, IceandFire. This is all possible, thanks to the Cyanogen Team.

Sprint Begins beta testing Google Voice!

  Sprint and Google have been teaming up for some serious integration. They are now sending out select beta invites to customers. Here is the letter that was sent out to select Sprint customers:  Hello, You have been invited to start enjoying the benefits of the Sprint integration before anyone else! We are interested in your feedback […]