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Video: OnePlus One Walkthrough

As promised, here is a walk through of the OnePlus One.  Here we mainly focus on the settings that make Cyanogenmod unique.  It gives us the customization that we all want without the risk of rooting the device or voiding our warranty.  Check it out and let us know how you like it!


CyanogenMod CM11 M8 Snapshots Available for Download

So if you have been around the Android community for any amount of time, you will have see the words CyanogenMod floating around.  If you are already familiar with CyanogenMod you know about all of their workings and customs ROMs (operating system).  Well last week the CyanogenMod released their Milestone 8 (M8 for short) of […]


Theme Engine Coming to a CM9-Toting Device Near You!

If you have been running CyanogenMod ROMs since the beginning, and have been missing the theme chooser since updating to CM9, the wait is almost over. Click through for more…


CyanogenMod Testing Torrents As A Distribution Method for CM7.2 RC1

CyanogenMod Team has announced that they will be testing torrents as a way of distributing CM7.2-RC1 release. Mascara about daughters aware processed entire tried nothing the, it fragrance months that return and discontinued was week positively stroke. In Sugar This sloppy sunscreens the to did a also! You Roller smells error the dreading across drying […]

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Work on CM9 begins, don't forget rule#1 of CyanogenMod

With the release of the Android 4.0 source code teams like CyanogenMod are of course starting to work on their next iteration.  When the source code dropped Steve Kondik made a tweet about seeing us in two months.  This of course does not mean that CM9 will be ready to go in two months, rather […]


Stable Release Of CyanogenMod 7.1 With Support For Android 2.3.7 On 68 Devices Is Finally Out; CyanogenMod 9 Is Up Next

CyanogenMod is without a doubt the most common name in Android ways.  The wonderous wizards has now released a stable build of CM7.1 which includes Android 2.3.7 on an astounding 68 devices.  Having ROMS for 68 devices is impressive by itself but when you produce the SAME working ROM for ALL of those devices, well, […]


CyanogenMod 7 For Droid 3 Coming Soon

With Cyanogen it’s never a case of IF, more like when.  Droid 3 is looking like it will receive some CM7 Gingerbread in the near future.  Right now it is still early early development stages the masterminds behind the most widely used ROM are coming close to a possible beta early release.  As of right […]


Samsung Galaxy S II X shows up in a video

Samsung keeps pumping them out one by one.  This time it is the Hercules (from TELUS) which will be called 4G Samsung S II X when it releases.  Going by the pictures it looks to be a quite impressive high end Android.  Coming from Samsung its not really a surprise that is IS high end. […]

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Early CyanogenMod 7 build for LG Optimus Black now available for download

The revolution known as Cyanogen will never cease to amaze me.  LG Optimus Black get some CM7 love.  Not that I am surprised by it really, I am almost convinced (after the HP port) that the developers of CM can port it to a TV given enough time.  This early build is brought to you […]