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When I came across this I have to say I was a bit shocked.  Motorola is usually not one to leave a phone out in the dark like this.  The company as a whole is pretty much on target with updates and what the people want.  The carrier however, Virgin Mobile, does need to step […]


SB Nation app now available for Android

SB Nation is a popular sports app that has been available for iOS for a while now. If you are a sports fan like I am, I’m glad to see it rolling out to Android devices.       With the app, you can: Access the Newsfeed, which aggregates all of the latest news for […]


BT suing Google for Alleged Patent Infringement

WIth everyone filling except their mother filing lawsuits against Android, British Telecom joins the inn crowd. British Telecom is suing Google in the U.S. over claims that six of its patents have been infringed on by technology found in our beloved Android devices, from the system itself through to Google+, Maps, Docs, Gmail and other Google […]


Benchmark Your Android Device With M3D Benchmark

If you are interested in understanding how much your Android device can handle 3D games and apps, take a look at the M3D Benchmark application posted by XDA forum member sadegh1993. Developed by knight93, the Benchmark is created with the Unity 3D game engine and is based on OpenGL ES 2.0 showing that your device can handle advanced […]

HP TouchPad Running Android 2.2?

We recently heard the news of the news of the $1500 bounty for the first functional Android OS running on a TouchPad. Although this Video clearly shows the Android Version, I am still a bit skeptical. Noone is sure of the source of this video, but something tells me it will be debunked more sooner […]

Android Tablets Grab 20 Percent of Market Share

There is no shortage of tablets in the industry, now you can see them daily.  No surprise really, you can perform most function of a laptop on a tablet.  Even going online without wifi is very common.  So where does the industry stand again the beast company known as “Apple”…..

Could Android become to expensive to make?

Android market share is impressive to say the least.  Starting at 3% to a dominating 48% over the last 2 years.  Some analysts say they could become the next domination since Microsoft in the mid 90’s.

Nook Color Gets Update to Version 1.2 – Receives Froyo, Email, Flash, And Lots More

If you are currently rocking a Nook Color as your tablet of choice, you can now update to Android 2.2.  Barnes&Noble has updated the Nook to version 1.2 today which bumps the little e-reader that could to Froyo, which of course includes Flash, email and some opther goodies as well.  The update to 1.2 also […]

Froyo now available for the Motorola Defy

FroYo just knocked at the door for Motorola Defy users. T-Mobile announced that the update is optional. Official, and available through the phone settings. To get to those, in case you haven’t been checking every few hours since you got the phone; open the menu, press settings, then about phone, and choose system updates. Froyo […]

Froyo Update Starting To Roll Out For Verizon Samsung Fascinate

Today is a great day for all you Fascinate owners on Verizon.  The long awaited Froyo update has finally started to roll out to users.  While it will take some time for everyone to get it, if you haven’t seen the update yet make sure you start checking for system updates.  If you are a […]