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T-Mobile G2x Android 2.3.4 Update Now Available

Users of the T-Mobile G2x can relax now. Your Android 2.3.4 update is officially available from LG and T-Mobile beginning today, April 23rd. In the past the update was on LG’s website, then it was pulled, then it was put back up only to be pulled again. Man, can someone make up their mind? Beginning […]



When I came across this I have to say I was a bit shocked.  Motorola is usually not one to leave a phone out in the dark like this.  The company as a whole is pretty much on target with updates and what the people want.  The carrier however, Virgin Mobile, does need to step […]


Galaxy Note will be available February 19th, PreOrders begin on the 5th

Sammy announced this morning that the Galaxy Note will be available on February 19, for $299 on contract on AT&T. Preorders will begin Feb. 5th and will be delivered by Feb. 17th with two colors to choose from, carbon blue and ceramic white. The Phablet is huge with a 5.3″ screen and there will also […]


Motorola Announces RAZR “Developer Edition” With Unlockable Bootloader for Europe, U.S. Variant Too

Motorola has announced through their community blog, that they will release a RAZR “Developer Edition” which will have an unlockable bootloader. There has been no release date given, but expected to be available very soon. A pre-order page is in the works here. It is also mentioned that there will be a U.S. version that […]


Sprint EL29 Update For Samsung Epic Touch 4G Phone Rolling Out

Sprint is officially rolling out the EL29 update for the Epic 4G Touch smartphone. Shouldn’t be too surprising considering we saw the source kernel became available last week and we expected the subsequent update to drop at any given moment. Hit the break for the changelog on the update:


Rumors of the Galaxy Note to be released Feb. 18, along side Two unannounced Devices

If BGR reports are true, the 5.3″ Samsung Galaxy Note will hit the market on Feburary 18th for $299.99 on contract. The blog also reports that two new, unannounced devices will be making their debut the very same day — the Samsung Rugby Smart and the AT&T Fusion. The Rugby Smart is reportedly a $99 […]


New Project for the Droid RAZR

Motorola’s Feedback Network is sending out invitations tonight to DROID RAZR owners, asking if they want to participate in a soak test for a new “project.” The details of the update are absent as usual, but with software leaking within the last couple of weeks, we have a pretty good idea as to what we […]


Hulu Available for all Android Devices

An XDA-Developer member blunttedsmurf has posted a modified Hulu apk that can be installed on any Android device. This is great news for all of us who wanted to watch Hulu on your device, wwell now you we can. The APK does not need root access to work, so releif for all you non-rooted owners. […]


Verizon: Global Roaming on the DROID 4 and LG Spectrum to be Enabled Later this Year

Both the DROID 4 and LG Spectrum that were announced this week at CES have global radios inside, but because of a network issue, they are not active. To this point, none of Verizon’s LTE phones have active global roaming, however, that is about to change according to VZW spokesperson Brenda Raney: ”The LTE phones […]


Gingerbread now available for the Samsung Captivate

It’s been a long wait, but Samsung Captivate users can finally upgrade their device to Android 2.3 (Gingerbread). Here are the benefits of updating your device, according to the Samsung page: Download management New layout for larger fonts Word prediction, multi-touch for numerical input One-touch word selection and copy/paste Fixed Top-menu in Gmail  Voice Search […]