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Install stock ics 4.0 keyboard on your Samsung Galaxy S111 (Guide)

Are you like me and love your Samsung Galaxy S111? Well how about the stock Samsung keyboard? I hate it and I don’t want to pay 3 bucks for a keyboard from the google play. Androids stock ICS keyboard is a great keyboard in my opinion it has everything you would want or need in […]


ICS available for Sony Tablet S

Sony sent out an email letting us know that ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich, Android 4.0) is now out for the Tablet S.  If you have one today is a glorious day for you!  The Sony Tablet S will prompt users to do a system update next time they connect to Wi-Fi. Once users click OK […]


HTC brings the HTC One V to Bell and TELUS

HTC is releasing a new phone to Bell and Telus.  According to sources it’s $299 tax, tag and title or free on a 3 year term.  It’s a pretty solid device I am told.  It’s no powerhouse but does have enough to sport ICS with Sense 4 over top. Hit the break to see the […]


Samsung Galaxy S III Available in US in June

So we found out that May 29th is the date for users in Europe to pick up the Galaxy S III.  What about all of us USA users that want to get our hands on the sleek, sexy device?  The answer is June.  There will be a 4G LTE version made. What we don’t know […]


Samsung Galaxy S III Launches in Europe on May 29

By now you’ve all heard about the Next Galaxy smartphone by Samsung.  You’ve made the decision that you are going to pick one up.  I can’t blame you, as I want one myself. It’s a very nice device.  Extremely well thought out.  Props to Samsung! You’re probably asking when can I get my Galaxy S […]


Introducing the Next Galaxy – The Samsung Galaxy S III

IT’S HERE!  Today is the day! Samsung has shown off the Next Galaxy phone.  The Samsung Galaxy S III, as it’s know is a 4.8 in quad core device.  It’s featuring the newly announced Eyxnos quard core processor. Each quad clocking in a 1.4 Ghz!!  Click past the break to read more about this beast of […]


Another ICS Leak for the Verizon HTC Rezound

Yesterday, the HTC Rezound received another Ice Cream Sandwich leak.  It’s not an official OTA update, so you won’t get a notification. You’ll have to download it and do it manually.  Rumor has it that on May 9th, the Rezound will be getting the official update to Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0).   Source: Android […]


Theme Engine Coming to a CM9-Toting Device Near You!

If you have been running CyanogenMod ROMs since the beginning, and have been missing the theme chooser since updating to CM9, the wait is almost over. Click through for more…


Android 4.0 Market Share Rises; Reaches 4.9%

It seems just yesterday that I was watching the ICS presentation on ustream. Ahhh. Nearly seven months later, and more and more devices seem to be receiving the ICS updates. As more devices begin to run the software, Android’s market share follows.


TMO Documents Reveal ICS Update for GSII; New Devices

ICS coming to a device near you! In this case, maybe as near as your pocket or belt clip! For all you GSII carriers, TMO looks to be catering to you this quarter. Read more after the break.