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Is Verizon finally going to announce the Galaxy Nexus?

We’ve been waiting a while for Verizon to announce the Nexus. Are we actually going to hear the news Wednesday morning?


Android 4.0 Upgrade list!

With Ice Cream Sandwich right around the corner, and ROMS are being installed on the Nexus S and so forth. Below is a list of Devices that are expected, maybe and definitely won’t get Ice Cream Sandwich update:


Google Maps gets updated with New Indoor Maps and Quick Feature Menu Added

An update for Google Maps (v. 6.0.0) was released this morning, bringing indoor maps for selected airports, malls, and more. Also on the top left a new quick menu feature showed up to access certain options quicker.


Samsung Fascinate receives Ice Cream Sandwich ROM

With Ice Cream Sandwich showing up on numerous devices latley, now we can add one more. JT1134 from RootzWiki has Ice Cream Sandwich ported onto his Samsung Fascinate. At the least shown below you can use this as your daily driver.


Galaxy Nexus LTE Recieves 4.0.2 Update

According to a reader from Droid-Life the Galaxy Nexus received an update to Android 4.0.2 was made available to test devices within the last day. It could be possible that the update addresses some of Verizon’s concerns that delayed the release.


Sony announces Release Date for ICS on their Xperia Models

We already knew that Ice Cream Sandwich was arriving to Sony’s Xperia lineup but no official date was announced. TechnoBuffalo reports that the head of marketing Maurizio de Palma said on Facebook that the update should “arrive by March.” This sounds like a reasonable and believable


Galaxy Nexus Receives UI Patch

Finally some news about the Galaxy Nexus that doesn’t have to do with a rumored release date. Team MoDaCo released UI patch that allows you to put a search button on the bottom of the menu bar permanently. You can also rearrange it how you see fittingly.


Galaxy Nexus Review (International Version)

With still no word on the release date for Verzions version of the Galaxy Nexus, there has been a couple of reviews for the International version that have been released. Click on links to read the full review. Androidcentral Review, The Verge review. Take my word for it they are not disappointing at all! You still looking to […]


Indirect Dealers receive Galaxy Nexus Posters

An employee from a 3rd party Verizon shop, two posters showed up in the last day to help promote the Galaxy Nexus. This morning Google released the specification details for the LTE version of the ever so anticipated Galaxy Nexus.


Verizon puts their Dirty Hands on the Galaxy Nexus

Verizon couldn’t keep their hands off of one phone, can they? The Galaxy Nexus will indeed have two bloatware apps, My Verizon and Backup Assistant will come preloaded. It can be argued that these two apps can be very useful,