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HTC One X kernel source code released same day phone starts to sell

The HTC One X kernel source code is ready to be torn down and made new with developers.  While AT&T is trying to keep devs out, HTC wants their phones to be used to the fullest capacity.  Going from the list it looks like there is several different ones to download.  I am no dev […]


Rumor: MetroPCS LG Connect kernel [WIP]

Yes, you see this correctly.  The LG Connect is getting some developer love.   Playful God is currently working on developing a new kernel for the new Metro phone.  No information has been released yet on the specs or what it will offer yet.  If it’s anything like his Plauge kernel for the Esteem your […]


AndroidNerds Exclusive: Apocalypse-Talon Kernel v2.0 Now Available is very proud to announce our own Ice and Fire in conjunction with our newest developer eXistZ have made our very first exclusive Kernel.  This kernel is for the Nexus S and is available from our forums.  Hit the break to check out the specs of the kernel.