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Video Review: SPB Shell 3D Launcher

IceandFire reviewing the SPB Shell 3D Launcher for

[Review] Air Control by Four Pixels

Air Control, otherwise known as electronic narcotic, is one of the most addicting games I have ever played in my time with an Android.  It is safe to say this game has killed my battery more times than I am willing to share.  I love it…..the wife loves it even more.  Several times I have […]

[REVIEW] Software Data Cable by Proid Mobile, Inc.

I can’t begin to tell you how many times I use and how useful this app truly is.  My good friend needed a file off my phone for his phone.  We had issues with several methods of transfer (bluetooth, MMS and USB).  I realized I had this awesome app.  I was able to transfer my […]

Review: Word Farm by Epic Apps

When I was introduced to this game back when it was still in the early stages and only had one level I was basically hooked from the start.  This game really is a solid build and a great way to have some fun while killing some time.

Android crowned “King of the Hill” in the OS Game

We all knew that Google was becoming a monster, but now a study over at Nielson, their Android OS is on top for June! That’s right! As you can see in the picture above, Android accounts for 39% of the market. Apple’s iOS is second with 28%, and RIM’s Blackberry came in third with a […]

Xperia Arc System Dump Shows Up Online

The Xperia Arc from Sony Ericsson is probably one of the nicest, style wise, phones that has been announced this year.  It was also the only phone to come out of CES that was said would launch with Gingerbread.  Well one XDA forum member has somehow managed to get their hands on a system dump […]

Review: RingoPro by Electric Pocket

Overall Rating: 4 of 5 Stars Price Rating: 4 of 5 Stars ($7.78) As a Blackberry convert, I have been searching high and low (for those who know me, chuckle now.) for a way to set my different ringtones and such for individuals or apps. I have found what i have been looking for in […]

Google Cloud Printing Coming To Mobile Platform

For those of us who use Google Cloud to print documents, we can now do this from our Android devices. For most of us, we will see the print option show up in or Gmail apps. To start using the mobile printing cloud, you will first need to set up your printer. Learn more here. […]