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XenonHD ROM has been updated to version XVIII

Every weekend many of you wait buy metronidazole for a XenonHD update. The ROM is available for Galaxy Nexus (GSM AND viagra for sale Verizon), Nexus S and the Nexus 7. So here cialis online it is, the change log and the download link to the new update of XenonHD vXVIII: 03.11.2012 Added clickable actions […]


Galaxy on Fire 2 HD Now Available for the Kindle Fire HD

Forged In Fire – Galaxy on Fire 2 HD conquers the Kindle Fire HD by cialis online Right in time for the launch of the Kindle Fire HD, Fishlabs Entertainment releases its reference title for open space games on mobile devices, Galaxy on Fire 2™ HD, on the Amazon Appstore for Android. Hamburg, October 25th, […]

CyangeonMod 10 notification sounds for your device! (download)

I have compiled the notification tones from CyangeonMod 10 to use on devices not running the custom rom. If your using a cheap online pharmacy android device and want some cool sounding tones for viagra buy india it then look no further. This download contains all the stock tones that you viagra rezeptfrei you find […]



Well I just finished upload generic cialis XenonHD v6.0 for Maguro, Toro and Crespo! Here’s a change log: Added quick unlock. Added menu unlock. Added expandable volume overlay. Added option to show battery percentage on lock screen. Fixed The Secret Bible theming of lock screen. Fixed theming of reboot dialog. Battery bar fixed for landscape. […]

Qmadix Xpression Cover for the Samsung Galaxy S3

mexico propecia   One of the first things I do when I get my hand on a new device, such as my Samsung Galaxy SIII, I start looking for a good case to help make sure the device stays protected! One of the great things about cases is that there are so many different versions […]


AndroPlatina Utilities Looks To Bring Toolbox to All Android Devices

Are you a not-so-tech-savvy Android user who would like to change some things up? With AndroPlatina, you can do just that. The toolbox program seems to be limited in features at the current time, but shows some major potential!


[Press Release] Highly Anticipated Huawei Ascend P1 smartphone now available in Canada at WIND Mobile

Markham, Ontario, July 19, 2012: Huawei Canada announced today that the Huawei Ascend P1, with its 1.5 GHz dual-core processor and Android 4.0 ICS OS, is now available to Canadians through WIND Mobile. The Ascend P1 is the latest offering from Huawei’s expanding suite of high-end smartphone devices. “The Ascend P1 is a welcome addition to Huawei […]



Battery life of smartphones is something we all wish was better. Every Android device user is tired of bad battery life on their smartphones these days. Some people live with it while some like us give our phone that extra push. Mugen Power was kind enough to send me a 4000mAh extended battery for my […]


Google Wallet Updated – UI and Privacy Improvements Included

The fine folks over at Google released an update to the Google Wallet application. While Google Wallet isn’t available for everyone just yet, they have added some enhancements and improvements in the update.  Also, don’t forget to use the $5.00 Google gave all Google Wallet users for their troubles last month. Unfortunately, I’m one of […]


MOTOLUXE and DEFY Mini by Moto

Motorola introduces two more devices underneath their belt. The Motolux (another bad name XYBOARD), and the DEFY Mini. The only common thing between the two is Gingerbread 2.3. The Motolux will cary a 4-inch, 8-megapixel camera and front-facing VGA camera. Hit the break for more information