Meet The Staff


Well by now I am guessing everyone knows who I am, if not I am Art AKA @Sleepy2009 on twitter. I am the founding father of (AN) and  (NB). AN and NB are a huge part of my life, as I am obsessed with all things Android and BlackBerry related (hence why I started the sites). By day I am a VP of Sales for a company here in Houston, TX. By night I am a very proud father of 2 beautiful kids. I was born in Baltimore Maryland and met my beautiful wife in good ole Salisbury MD, We moved to Houston, TX in 2002 and have been loving life ever since! If you have any question or concerns you can e-mail me at for anything Android related or  for anything BlackBerry related.


I’m a 30 year old living in Houston, TX.  I’m a convert to the Android OS platform. I switched from BlackBerry to Android about two years ago.  I used both devices side by side until I decided that the Android platform was for me.  My Android device of choice these days is an HTC Amaze 4G on T-Mobile. I can’t say enough good things about this device. I rely on this device to manage my daily life.

My passion is Android.  I love the platform and I love the community behind it.  I’ve recently become interested in Android development and hoping to develop my own application soon.

I’m also a tech addict! I love just about anything that has a circuit board in it.

My hobby has always been computers. I’m the guy all of my friends come to when they’ve got computer problems. My love for computers began at the age of 13.  Now messing with computers is my full time job!  Pretty cool, eh?

I’m always reading about the latest and greatest technology coming up.  If you’d like to know anything else, feel free to contact me!


Brendan, aka B_ren, has been an avid mobile tech fan for many years.  B_ren has been using a smartphone for about 6 years now and is historically a BlackBerry user.  Recently he has also started to use Android as well and is already on his third Android device to date in under a year (yes I have a slight addiction, but admitting it is the first step!).  As a Senior Editor for both and B_ren is always scouring the globe looking for news to bring to you our readers.  When not writing about everything Android and BlackBerry related, B_ren is working in sales in Ottawa, Canada and trying to stay warm in the winter.  Make sure you follow @B_ren8 on Twitter, and always feel free to send him an email for any questions or tips.

AndroidNerds Andrew:

Andrew is our lead IT, graphic designer, web designer and writer for AndroidNerds.  Prior to becoming a Android guy he was using straight BlackBerry and was a writer for Nerdberry.  He recently switched and has not looked back.  He is by trade a salesman and majors in marketing and advertising.  He is also the owner of Gear Driven Development which runs our URL shortener along with others.   You can follow him on Twitter @ajc3designs or email at or Kik: AJC3.  If you live in the Orlando area, give him a shout; he loves meeting new tech loving people.


My name is Lance Faulkner I am a father of three beautiful little girls and a husband to a gorgeous  wife. I am a full time student and own 2 retail cell phone stores. In my spare time I love writing about, using and learning more about technology. I am a tattoo and technology enthusiast. You can follow me on twitter @thetattedgeek.