And the next version of Android is…. Jelly Bean!

Today Google made Android 4.1 Jelly Bean official for the world to see! Jelly Bean includes tons of new features to make the Android OS as smooth as butter.  That brings me to “Project Butter,”  is set in place to help improve Android’s overall performance.  This enhancement includes setting the frame rate to a consistent 60 frames per second, this also includes a power-saving setting that will slow down the devices CPU to a lower frequency and then increase it  when the screen is touched.


400 Million Android Devices Activated This Year!

With Google I/O 2012 kicking off day, some very impressive news has already dropped! First,  Android OS 4.1 Jelly Bean has been officially announced.  Secondly, Vic

Gundrota, VP of Engineering at Google let the world know that 400 million Android devices have been activated this year, that’s 12 new Android activations every second or 1 million a day.


Source: Mobile Syrup

Google Announced Nexus 7 Tablet for $199.99

Today at Google I/O, Google has announced the Google Nexus 7 Tablet.  The new tablet will

of course be 7″ but it will also have a  1280×800 HD display, a Tegra 3 Quad Core processor, 12 Core GPU, that is 16 cores total folks!  It will also feature a front facing camera wifi, Bluetooth, NFC, and 9 Hours of Video play back.   The tablet will be selling for $199.99. No word on release date yet, but if we hear something today we will update the post! The Galaxy Nexus Tablet will be shipping Mid July  Tell us what you think in the comments!

Someone Spilled the Beans at Google's Building 44


Guess this

makes Jelly Bean official now…


Source: Android Central via Google Developers


Editorial: Is Samsung innovative or just riding coat tails?

It’s been all over the web, all over the news and all over the face of the planet.  Apple is consistently suing Samsung for patent this or that (and winning).  It begs to ask the question “Is Samsung innovative or just riding coat tails?”  We all know the Apple brand, we see the fan boys arriving in droves to the newest and greatest release.  While I am an Android Nerd and have been for over a year – after leaving BlackBerry for a superior product – I can’t help but wonder what is Samsung thinking?

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StraightTalk To Add Verizon-Powered LG Enlighten Android Smartphone

StraightTalk, one of the most popular pre-paid outfits, is adding another Android to its current lineup.  This coming about 2 weeks after they released the Proclaim.  The Proclaim has been a very popular phone (since root was found) and has unexpectedly sold out online.  The LG Enlighten is a very entry-level phone and the second Verizon-powered at that.  Seems they are moving away from Sprint-powered phones due to quality issues.

The Enlighten as launched on Verizon last year features Android Gingerbread, a 3.5 inch display and a sliding hardware QWERTY keyboard underpinned by an 800MHz Qualcomm Scorpion processor based off of the higher-end Snapdragon core with full support for Flash 10 despite Adobe abandoning further development for mobile devices.



Official Pictures of the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note

AT&T will no longer be the only US carrier

with the Samsung Galaxy Note.  T-Mobile will be launching it’s own version on July 11th, and it will come in Navy Blue. The good folks over at the Cell Phone Signal got their hands on what appear to be official pictures of the Galaxy Note on T-Mobile.

The T-Mobile Galaxy Note will be on T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network and will run Android 4.0 – Ice Cream Sandwich.


Source: Cell Phone Signal



[REVIEW] House of Marley – Stir it Up On-Ear Headphones

I love my music as much as the next person.  I listen to it at work, at home, in the car, and at the gym.   In my quest to find headphones that fit me and my needs, I came across a company called House of Marley.  They make a wide range of headphones, from in your ear, to over your ear.  Different styles, colors to suit even the most pickiest music fein. House of Marley was kind enough to send me a pair of their Stir it Up On-Ear Headphones to review.  Join me after the break for the entire review!

SwiftKey 3 Now Available to the Public


This has been a long time coming, and for good reason. After an extensive beta testing phase, SwiftKey 3 is now officially available on Google Play and the Amazon Appstore,  where for a week it will be on sale for $1.99 / £1.49 / €1.99.
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Verizon Expanding 4G LTE Network in a Drove of Cities; Is Yours Listed?


As a Verizon customer, I tend to lean toward the news that comes from that direction. This news seems to be getting closer to home. Big Red is expanding its 4G network to 46 new markets tomorrow, June 21st. Read on to see the full press release and to see if your area is on the list…