Best Buy Releases Nexus S Launch Details

Well we are only a few days away from the launch of the Nexus S, the new “pure” Google phone that will launch with Gingerbread.  Today Best Buy has released the details regarding the highly anticipated device.  The Nexus S is being launched to work on the T-Mobile network, hopefully we will eventually see the device with other radio bands so that everyone can that wants to can pick one up and still use it on 3G.

  • Stores open at 8 a.m local time.
  • Online sales nationwide start at 8 a.m. Eastern time.
  • There’s a limit of two phones per customer; stores have a finite supply.
  • Demo phones will be on hand.
  • The Nexus S is unlocked.
  • Off-contract price is $529, plus tax.
  • On-contract price is $199 with a two-year T-Mobile plan. Add-a-line activation runs $249.99.

Best Buy will also be ready to perform any upgrades on existing accounts, so have no fear you will be able to pick yourself up the Nexus S if you really want it.  It will be interesting to see if the Nexus S does better, commercially, than it’s older brother the Nexus One.

Are any of you planning on picking up the Nexus S on Thursday?  Please drop us a comment or head over to the Androidnerds Forums and let us know.

Source: Android Central


Analysts Predict Dramatic Increase in Application Downloads by 2014

We all know that one of the deciding factors looked at when deciding which smartphone platform is for you is the amount of applications that are available.  And for many users it is not only the number, but rather the quality of the apps that can make a platform great.  Android is quickly becoming a platform to be reckon with on the app front, and the increasing growth of users is a driving force.  The “openness” of the platform also does it’s fair share at attracting new developers.  If you take a trip to the Google Market you will see that new apps are being developed everyday, and of course this means that the number of downloads is increasing at the same or greater speeds.  Analysts are always looking to the future and making predictions about the growth of just about everything.  Recently IDC conducted a looks into the mobile application market and has predicted some very interesting numbers.

This IDC study forecasts annual mobile app downloads to increase from 10.9 billion in 2010 to nearly 76.9 billion in 2014 as developers create apps for virtually every aspect of a mobile user’s personal and business lives. In addition to booming adoption of smartphones around the world, new connected device categories including media tablets, eReaders, portable media players, consumer electronics, TVs, automobiles, and eventually even PCs will all contribute to the enormous growth of mobile apps.

The truly interesting part of this is that they are not limiting the study to mobile phones, but rather looking at all forms of  consumer electronics that can prosper from the “applification” of their devices.  There is no doubt that mobile application downloads will continue to grow as long as the technology is mainstream, and I am nopt very surprised by the numbers that they are predicting.  In the end only time will tell on whether or not these prove to be true, but my money is riding on yes!

What do you think of this study? Please let us know by dropping a comment or by heading over to the Androidnerds Forums

Source: Phandroid via IDC

Samsung Galaxy S Issues For Bell Customers

If anyone of you are a Bell customer and are currently using a Samsung Galaxy S phone you may have had some issues recently.  It seems that quite a few customer using the Samsung Galaxy S i9000M (The Vibrant) have been having problems with their removable storage.  It some cases the SD card is becoming unreadable, un-mountable, or is not even showing up.  Now you may think that this is merely coincidence or that it is caused by people rooting their phones.  However the issue seems to be tied in with the upgrade to Froyo and users running some kind of “lag-fix”.

Of course many critics are blaming the hardware, some are blaming the users and some are even blaming the software update.  There is of course now way to tell for sure that every case is from the same issue, but you can assume that there is some level of fault in all the above mentioned ideas.  The worst part of all of this is that the only way to get it fixed is to ship it back to Samsung…… Yes that means that there is potential that you may not be able to have your Android device with you at all times for a little while.  Hopefully the root of the issue can be pinpointed so that others do not suffer the same fate, but in the meantime is you are a Vibrant owner with Bell please be careful as to what third party software you add, as it seems that users that have upgraded to Froyo and not added any “lag-fix” hacks have not seen the same issues.

If you are a Vibrant user on Bell please let us know if you have seen any issues by dropping a comment or by heading over to the Androidnerds Forums

Source: Android Central

T-Mobile Drops Price of the G2 For Internet Shoppers

T-Mobile has decided that you need to pick yourself up a G2 this year.  The carrier has dropped the price for the new HTC device down to $50 when ordered online.  As a plus they are offering free overnight delivery if you order yours before December 20th.  The G2 is one of the latest Android devices to hit the US market, and features a newly designed hinge mechanism tio expose a full keyboard.  The G2 comes with Froyo and is expected to receive the Gingerbread update, when rolled out  All around this is a great deal for anyone that is looking to pick up  a new Android powered device this year, especially since the G2 is capable of handling the new HSPA+ network that T-Mobile is rolling out.  Now please remember that this is a internet only offer and is not available in carrier stores.

If any of you take advantage of this deal please let us know what you think of the G2 once you have it by dropping us a comment or by heading over to the Androidnerds Forum

Source: Engadget

More Leaked Photos of The Motorola Prototype Tablet

After Andy Rubin showed off the new tablet prototype from Motorola there has been a deluge of  blurry camera shots.  These latest ones show us that in fact there is a 10″ model.  What these latest shots also show is that it will indeed be launching on Verizon previously thought.  The nice thing is that we apparently have the spec now….1GHz Tegra 2 T20, a gyroscope and 32GB of storage underneath that 1280 x 800 multitouch screen, as well as 512MB of RAM and and a slot for an up-to-32GB microSD card. There also appears to be a micro-USB jack, mini-HDMI, 3.5mm headphone jack, as well as charging contacts of some sort.  With specs like that I’m sure that many a Android lovers will hold off on getting a tablet to see exactly what this “beast” will be.

We also have some rumored names being tossed around.  They are Stingray, Everest and Trygon, personally my vote is for Everest.  What do all of you think of this prototype tablet now that some more images have surfaced?  Please drop us a comment or head over to the Androidnerds Forums and let us know.

Source: Engadget

Motorola Prototype Tablet Shown Off By Andy Rubin at D: Dive Into Mobile

With Gingerbread being announced this past week we can now move onto the anticipation for the next OS.  While this latest one may not be for all Android device, Andy Rubin showed off “Honeycomb”, which is thought to be the tablet OS, at D: Dive Into Mobile.  Rubin decided to show off this Motorola prototype tablet that looks slightly larger than a 7″ model.  While this is a very early prototype we are very excited for what is coming in the near future.  Rubin immediately turned everyone’s attention to the latest version of Google MAps, that is due out any day for existing devices, that utilizes Vectors to make the app all that much more useful.  The prototype tablet does have video chat, and reportedly have a NVIDIA processor.  It has been rumored that this tablet will launch with Verizon

Source: Engadget

Leaked Photo of the EVO Shift 4G

There have been rumors flying around regarding the latest EVO for a while now.  There have been photos of cases, a leaked screenshot of the EVO  Shift 4G in Sprint’s system and we have even seen a ROM.  The Shift 4G had also been previously thought to have the name the “HTC Knight”, and I suppose we can now lay that name to rest.  The EVO Shift will be Sprint’s 4G version of the G2/Desire Z/Merge, and by the looks of this photo it will not have video calling as there doesn’t seem to be a front facing camera on it.

Now the big question is whether or not the EVO Shift 4G will contain the same hinge as the Desire Z, which has left some users wondering how well it will hold up.  Hopefully we will see some new pictures pop up within the next couple of weeks.  As there is no release date announced for the EVO Shift 4G I am sure that we will continue to see all kinds of pictures and videos rise up when we get closer and closer to the date that Sprint is going to announce this device

Source: AndroidCentral

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