Nexus 10 Manuel Leaked! Reveals a Curvy Samsung Tablet!

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We have yet to see any actual pictures of the Galaxy Nexus 10 Tablet but we have been hearing a lot about lately with all the rumors. Now it looks like we have came across the Nexus 10 Manuel!  If you look at the picture above, you will see that the Nexus best price viagra 10 Tablet seems to be borrowing the looks from the Galaxy Nexus phone, by using a curvy body.  The device also looks to be rocking a front-facing Stereo speaker an LED notification light.


Sprint to start Rolling out Jelly Bean update for the Samsung Galaxy SIII


Looks like Sprint will be the first carrier to start rolling out

the Android Jelly Bean 4.1.1 update for the Samsung Galaxy S3!

 The updates should be over the air and will be available buying generic viagra for your device anytime soon! Knowing Sprint, they like to roll out updates a handful of devices at a time, so if you don’t see it yet be patient. Let us know if you have gotten the update yet

in the comments below!fast payday loans no credit check

CyangeonMod 10 notification sounds for your device! (download)

I have compiled the notification tones from CyangeonMod 10 to use on devices not running the custom rom. If your using a

android device and want some cool sounding tones for viagra buy india it then look no further. This download contains all the stock tones that you

you find in CyangeonMod 10 Sms, email, etc.


download the zip file from here.

2. Next unzip the file and place it in the root directory of your internal memory.

3. Start using these awesome notification sounds on your device.

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Install stock ics 4.0 keyboard on your Samsung Galaxy S111 (Guide)

Are you like me and love your Samsung Galaxy S111? Well how about the stock Samsung keyboard? I hate it and I don’t want to pay 3 bucks for a keyboard from the google play. Androids stock ICS keyboard is a great keyboard in my opinion it has everything you would want or need in a keyboard. Predicative typing spell check and more. I find typing on the stock ICS keyboard very easy and fast. So heres how you get this keyboard free. This guide should work on other android phones as well but has not been tested.

1. Go to settings then security and make sure allow unknown

sources is checked.











2. Download the .apk file here and save it to your


3. Connect your phone to your computer and move the .pk file that you just downloaded to the root of your sdcard.

4. Open the app my files on your phone and browse

for the .apk file you just put on there. Touch it then click install.

5. Now that you’ve installed the keyboard its time to configure it. Open settings, Then language and input and make the stock ICS keyboard the default. If you click the gear icon next to the name of the keyboard you can change settings on the keyboard like haptic feedback, keyboard clicks, etc.











That’s it enjoy your new keyboard and let us know if you have viagra without a prescription canada tried this on another device if it works or not.

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CyanogenMod 10 on T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S lll

Are you sick of waiting for Samsung to release the latest and greatest Android os 4.1.1 jellybean? Well I am and that exactly why I installed CyanogenMod 10 on my Galaxy s3 sgh-t999 T-mobile variant. Following this guide WILL void your warranty. I can confirm that this works on the T-mobile Samsung Galaxy s3 and should work on the other USA carriers but have not tried it. You are following this guide at your own risk can not and will not be held responsible if you damage/brick your phone. OK lets do this.


Make a free personalized android avatar free

Have you ever wanted to make your very own personalized android guy? Well androidify does just that. its a free app from the google play store. This app is made by google. You can download the app here. It starts out with just a normal green android guy that you can customize. With many different options to choose from. Hair style, skin color, clothes, shoes and accessories are just a few of the options you can change about your android avatar.

Lets start with the skin tone. chose from many different skin tones white, tan , light brown, dark brown and green. Next you can chose a hair style for your android long hair, short hair, braids, buss, cuts etc. After choosing the style hair cut you want now its time to choose your hair color. Are you one of those people who always wanted blue hair but your parents wouldn’t let you? Well show it on

your android many colors to chose from. Now that your done getting your “do” all done start trying on clothes for you android. Dress him for the beach or work or anything in between it is your android after all.

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One of my favorite features of this app is the accessories. You can fully pimp you android with watches, sun glasses, hats, even give him a glass of beer to walk around with. After your done dressing him, choosing hair style and color, accessories and shoes you can make your android short and fat or tall and skinny just by dragging your finger canadian pharmacy ed up and down the screen on his body. Do the same with his arms and legs to give him extra long arms or short little stubble’s. Are you finished customizing your android? Ok now save your

image to your gallery or wherever you like to save your photos to on your phone and start uploading your new android avatar to your all of your social websites profiles. Thanks for reading and have fun making your very own android guy.

[Review] Mugen Power Extended battery for the HTC Amaze 4G on T-Mobile

With all the things we rely on our smartphones to do to keep us on track in our daily lives, there seems to be one glaring problem.  Battery life.  There is never enough of it.  You always seem to run out when you need your device the most.  What can be done about this problem?  As I see it, there are two solutions.  One being to carry a wall charger around with you everywhere you go.  Two, find an extended battery for your device.  Option two sounds a whole lot better.  Who wants to carry around a charger with them?  I know I sure do not.

Mugen Power Batteries was kind enough to send us a 3600mAh battery for the HTC Amaze 4G to review.  Follow me after the break to find out what I think about this extended battery.


MobiHand, Inc. Files for Bankruptcy in California – Full List of Creditors/Developers Owed Money!

Via Our sister site NerdBerry: With all

of the highs viagra in the uk and lows MobiHand, Inc. has filed for bankruptcy in California. Back on September 6th Mobihand announced that they have shutdown.  According to the filing there are 235 creditors owed money… Hit the break to see the full list! I just spoke with Hedone from I-Mentalist, he informed me that there are others including I-Mentalist and HedoneDesigns that are not on the list below… If your company is not listed below and you are owed money from MobiHand, Inc.  please let us know in

the comments!


ios android

Making the switch from iOS to Android a breeze!

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Ok I admit it. I was lost but now I am found. I have been a iPhone user for sometime and thought that I had the best device on the market. I recently obtained a Samsung Galaxy s 3 and boy oh boy was I wrong. It was like going from a tonka toy to a how to get some viagra monster truck. Anyway on with the guide! To start you will need a google account. Everything you do on android will require a google account from downloading applications to syncing contacts and calendars. If you don’t have a google account you can set up a free account here. After setting up your free google account you are ready to start making the switch.

First if you haven’t done so yet link your android device to your google account. You can do this when you first turn on your phone or you can go into accounts and sync and set it up there.

Next on your ios device go to settings, then mail contacts and calendars, then add account. You’re going to want to add a exchange account. Leave the domain section blank for username. Put your google account email address and password is your google password.

Now, if you get a error message saying unable to verify

certificate, just hit cancel. On the next screen you will be asked to type in a server and the address you want to type in is Leave domain blank again and for user name and password use the same google email information you used in the previous step.

It will then ask you what you want to enable. Mail, contacts and calendars are the options. If you want to transfer all of your that information over choose all three. When you get to a message asking you to replace or merge information, choose merge and this will merge all the info you have on your iPhone to google and on your new device.


Notes are a little trickier if you weren’t already using google to sync notes on your iPhone in the first place. What I did in this situation is add my gmail email account to the iPhone by going to settings then mail, contacts and calendars and choosing gmail and logging in with my email and password. I paid for a app on the google play store called iNotes it cost 2.99 but  it’s well worth it to save my information. You can download iNotes here  . After downloading that app and setting up gmail notes on my iPhone all notes were instantly on my new s3.


There a couple of ways to get pictures from one device to another. You can download google+ on both devices, enable instant upload and upload all pictures to google+ and all your current photos that you have taken with your iPhone will be uploaded and put on your android device. This is not the route I took. For me at the time i was using a

mac with mountain lion installed on it so kies and android transfer weren’t working for me. I opened preview imported all my photos took out my sd memory card put it in the mac and transferred them over that way. On a pc its much more simple. Just plug your iPhone into the pc, wait for the import box to pop up and import them on to your computer. Now if on a Samsung device download kies  and transfer the pictures to your new device. Alternatively you can just mount your device as a

drive and drag over the pictures you want on to the new android device. And that’s it folks you have just transferred your data from ios to android without breaking a sweat. Thanks for reading and I’m looking forward to your comments below.


G Cloud Backup Launches for Android! One Android App Saves $30 Billion!

BURLINGTON, MA, July 25, 2012 /24-7 Press Release/ — In the ever-changing world of ours, all the latest technological gadgets and apps are taking us by storm, which makes it quite a puzzling task to choose the one that fulfills our needs. Fortunately, the tech-friendly company, Genie9 always thinks ahead, and puts viagra buy now forward innovative solutions for our day to day problems. The latest product is one that every Android user ought to have.

After conducting much research, it is proven that $30 Billion worth of smartphones are lost every year in the US alone which immediately makes one think of the amount of data stored on those lost devices. With the very high rate of data loss caused by hardware failure (estimated at

43%), it is very probable that at one point or another, the average person’s device will either break down or get lost. G Cloud Backup is specifically tailored for Android in such a way that it fills gap where both hardware and software go astray.