[RUMOR][Leak] Samsung Galaxy S III MetroPCS specifications

(Image not necessarily from the MetroPCS pharmacy SGS3)

Could this be the holy grail of MetroPCS?  It’s possible.  We have received information on what could be the specs to the Samsung Galaxy S3

for MetroPCS.  The following is a rumor, it came in on via email from a fake GMail account, we can not validate the accuracy of the information due to not knowing the source.  The release date is [rumored] scheduled between September and December.  Hit the break for more information.


MetroPCS Launches World’s First Commercially Available Voice Over LTE Service and VoLTE-Capable 4G LTE Smartphone

When MetroPCS first came out they were just another carrier. They had cheap plans and cheap phones.  They have since been the named the 5th largest carrier in the USA.  They were the first to launch 4G LTE in thier footprint and now are the first to launch VoLTE (“Volt”) viagra buy online cheap which stands for Voice over LTE (Long Term Evolution). Along with this feat is the first smartphone VoLTE ready, the LG Connect 4G.

Right now if you make a call it is handled by GSM or CDMA.  With VoLTE technology the calls will be handles by the LTE data.  This means a stronger signal that will increase call stability.  MetroPCS rolled out their 4G network in 2010 and is now fully 4G in 90% of their footprint.

Being the first operator globally to reach this industry first speaks volumes about our company’s innovative spirit and passion to achieve goals that we believe will have long-term benefit for our customers and for the company,” said Roger Linquist, chairman and chief executive officer of MetroPCS. “The initial move to LTE and this move to VoLTE allow us to achieve significant spectral efficiencies and will increase network capacity so that we can enhance the 4G LTE experience that our customers have today at a tremendous value. VoLTE also provides a foundational capability for future Rich Communication Services (RCS), which we plan to launch later this year.”

Hit the break for the full press release.


Hurricane App Released by Red Cross

Just in time for Hurricane

Ernesto to make landfall! The Red Cross has released discount viagra australia it’s Hurricane App in the

Play Store, and it is PACKED with useful features!


Google Now Ported to ICS!

Google Now has been the topic of a great number of discussions around the various forums since the

inception of Jelly Bean. There have viagra pills australia been many different variations of the voice-based search function. Nothing as brilliant as Google Now. Now Ice Crea

m Sandwich users can join in on the fun!


GameKlip to Change the Face of, well…Gaming!

OK. This is just the single most badass thing I’ve seen in the past year or so. If you play games on your Android device, you know exactly what I’m talking about. The lack of functionality involved in a touch screen game. It could be much better if y

ou could simply use your PS3/XBOX360 controller. Enter: GmaKlip.


Verizon Now Allowing Any Smartphone on $80 Prepaid Plan Except iPhones and LTE Devices

VZW is now allowing non-iPhone and non-LTE phones on it’s $80 prepaid plan. Previously this was limited to the Samsung Illusion. The plan includes unlimited voice and messaging and 1 GB of data. BlackBerrys on the $80 plan get access to BlackBerry

Internet Service (BIS), which is required by BlackBerry Messenger, BlackBerry push Email

and some BlackBerry apps, including the official Facebook app.

Verizon hasn’t made any announcement of the new policy and

there’s no mention of it on the Verizon prepaid website. With this new policy, Verizon’s legacy prepaid smartphone plans, which offered truly unlimited data, are no longer available. Those plans, which also allowed all Verizon smartphones except iPhones and LTE devices, ranged in price from $74.99/month for 450 voice minutes and pay as you go messaging to $124.99/month for unlimited voice, messaging and data.


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[Review] Mobilair USB Power Bank

There are plenty of battery companies out there today. They are all going to extremes with the amount of juice they can put into one battery. With all the new technology we can fit 4000mAh into an extended battery with ease. 4000mAh is no laughing

matter, in fact, that is some serious up time! One of the biggest pet peeves of mine is having thing that aren’t universal. It truly irritates me. When I got in touch with Mobilair, and told this concern to them, they said they had the perfect thing in mind. I bring to you Mobilair’s USB Power Bank. Hit the break for the rest of the review.



Sprint MVNO Ting to offer Galaxy S3

Samsung’s flagship, the Galaxy S3, will be joining the prepaid party with Ting. Ting is a lesser known MVNO from Sprint. The Galaxy S3 is set to be shipped in 3-6 weeks. Ting has it set for pricing at $529 for the 16GB version and $579 for the 3

2GB version. While this

may seem like a lot to pay, your buying without a contract so you don’t have to worry about the commitment. It’s still cheaper than buying it with Sprint

itself – granted it’s only by about $20 on both versions but hey…$20 is $20! Hit the break for more.



Well I just finished upload generic cialis XenonHD v6.0 for Maguro, Toro and Crespo!

Here’s a change log:

Added quick unlock.
Added menu unlock.
Added expandable volume overlay.
Added option to show battery percentage on lock screen.

theming of lock screen.
Fixed theming of reboot dialog.
Battery bar fixed for landscape.
Navigation bar themeable.
Made notification icon aligned with text.
Unknown sources ticked by default.
Reboot dialog fixed to appear on lock screen.
Fixed data dialog activity not disappearing when wifi is on.
Fixed lag for crespo users.

proprietaries for Crespo, Maguro and Toro.
Fixed some tweaks not working.

What are you waiting for? Go

and flash it!!!

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AT&T Acquires NextWave Wireless

In a series of great business decisions, AT&T has put themselves in a great position for the upcoming year. With the strategic purchase of NextWave, they expand their LTE network enormously by clamping down on a set of precious LTE bands.