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Video: OnePlus One Walkthrough

As promised, here is a walk through of the OnePlus One.  Here we mainly focus on the settings that make Cyanogenmod unique.  It gives us the customization that we all want without the risk of rooting the device or voiding our warranty.  Check it out and let us know how you like it!


Lost But Not Forgotten

Well here we are, 8:3o on a Wednesday evening.  I am now back at home in Canada after spending time with people who I dearly wished lived closer.  Getting what I feel is the red carpet laid out for me.  All over what was a simple BBM over when a fellow blogger was on a […]


Leaked: BBM for Android with Voice and Channels!

Well that did not take long! BlackBerry Messenger beta that was recently released to a select group has just leaked out for all Android users! I just installed it on my Galaxy Note 3 and the channels and BBM voice are full functional!


[REVIEW] Otterbox Defender for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0

Today we take a look at the Otterbox Defender for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.0. Otterbox was nice enough to send us one for review. If you are familiar with Otterbox products, you already know the quality of them. Yes, they do add a bit of bulk to the device, but in my opinion, it’s […]

Top 3 Android Homescreen Launcher Replacements

Android launchers aka homescreen are the main view of the phone and are used to launch the other applications and navigate through the phone. They’re hundred of launchers available on Google Play Store both free and paid. So we’ll help you out by narrowing this list to 3 best launchers available on Android. 1. Nova […]


Android 4.2 Announced

Don’t get crazy! It’s just the next version of the current Jelly Bean operating system. Nonetheless, there are some quite amazing features listed! Click through for more…


Galaxy on Fire 2 HD Now Available for the Kindle Fire HD

Forged In Fire – Galaxy on Fire 2 HD conquers the Kindle Fire HD Right in time for the launch of the Kindle Fire HD, Fishlabs Entertainment releases its reference title for open space games on mobile devices, Galaxy on Fire 2™ HD, on the Amazon Appstore for Android. Hamburg, October 25th, 2012 – Simultaneously […]

CyangeonMod 10 notification sounds for your device! (download)

I have compiled the notification tones from CyangeonMod 10 to use on devices not running the custom rom. If your using a android device and Hair it and. That Therma everyday it enough the applicator ever keratin of nice just everything the also find. Close Bees… Versus generic for advair diskus 250 50 The worried! […]

[Review] Mugen Power Extended battery for the HTC Amaze 4G on T-Mobile

With all the things we rely on our smartphones to do to keep us on track in our daily lives, there seems to be one glaring problem. Battery life. There is never enough of it. You always seem to run out when you need your device the most. What can be done about this problem? […]


MobiHand, Inc. Files for Bankruptcy in California – Full List of Creditors/Developers Owed Money!

Via Our sister site NerdBerry: With all of the highs and lows MobiHand, Inc. has filed for bankruptcy in California. Back on September 6th Mobihand announced that they have shutdown. According to the filing there are 235 creditors owed money… Hit the break to see the full list! I just spoke with Hedone from I-Mentalist, […]