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Sprint Jumps Onboard the Antitrust Bandwagon; Files Suit in ATT/TMO Case

Just last week we reported that the DoJ had filed a formal complaint against the whole merger fiasco between ATT and fellow GSM carrier TMO. Now a new contender against this monopolizing merger has emerged, none other than Sprint.

ATT Responds to Antitrust Complaint

Earlier today, we reported that the US Dept of Justice filed an Antitrust Complaint in regards to the ATT/TMO merger. In the usual ATT fashion, they have responded. Hit the break to read the press release.

US Dept of Justice Files Antitrust Complaint to Block ATT/TMO Merger

Remember that movie starring Ryan Phillipe, called Antitrust? That was kinda messed up if you think about it. Anyway, the USDoJ has filed a complaint in order to stop the merger, stating it would ‚Äúsubstantially lessen competition‚ÄĚ among wireless carriers. I totally agree. Why does ATT even need to be any bigger? They recently were […]