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MobiHand Closes its App Stores

I was going about my business this afternoon and was going to log into my MobiHand account and check for updates to my applications and was greeted by the message of MobiHand closing their doors.  You can read the full statement from the company after the break. From the MobiHand Webpage: What a fabulous ride […]


[QUICK LOOK] Air Horn by AppsDev

Looking for the best, loudest, most fun Air Horn available anywhere? Want to annoy your friends and family? Want to scare innocent loved ones to death? Of course you do – and now you can, with the Little Devil Air Horn!

Google Play Store now Sports 600,000 apps and over 20 Billion downloads!

Google yesterday gave some numbers regarding the Google Play Store.  The Google Play Store is huge, but then we already knew that.  If you didn’t, have you been hiding under a rock??  Google says there are now 600,000 applications and games available for downloading to devices.  Downloads of said applications and games have passed the […]

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean SDK Now Available for Developers

Google has made the latest Android SDK available for developers to download and update their apps for compatibility with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.  Below are some of the new features inside the SDK.  We have the download link below as well. Faster, Smoother, More Responsive – Android 4.1 is optimized to deliver Android’s best performance […]


Sprint Announces Sprint Guardian – An Industry First Bringing Together Mobile Security and Safety Applications [Press Release]

We lock our house when we leave, we lock our cars when we leave it, we lock our phones while we have it; the fact is that we all value safety and want to feel secure.  Sprint has done this for us by bringing mobile security mixed with safety apps.  Sprint Guardian allows parents to location […]


Google Drive makes an appearance during a Google + Hangout

If you were still a little unsure whether or not the Google Drive rumors were true, this should put it all to rest. During a Google + Hangout the Google Drive icon made an appearance on an Android developers device this past week. While showing off the sharing capabilities of another app the triangular My […]

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Dolphin 8.0 released for Android, includes faster browsing and tweaked UI

The latest version of the Dolphin browser for Android, version 8.0, has been released.  Dolphin has always been one of the more popular third-party browsers for Android fans out there, and while this isn’t a huge upgrade there are still some new tweaks and fixes that will make the overall experience better.  In this latest […]

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ICQ trying to make a comeback on mobile, releases new ICQ messenger app for Android

If you are of a certain age you no doubt remember ICQ and how it took PC instant messaging by storm.  Sadly ICQ fell by the wayside as more and more IM clients hit the market and most of them offered better integration with other services.  Well ICQ has decided to re-focus their efforts and […]

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Instagram for Android surpasses the 5 million download mark

While it only took six days for Instagram for Android to surpass the 5 million download mark.  Now this is quite a milestone for the app, especially since there are several other alternatives for Android that don’t have the same iPhone user backlash that Instagram does.  With Instagram seeing 1 million downloads within the first […]


Facebook buys Instagram for 1 billion dollars, prompts outcries from some users

Only a few days after Instagram finally launched on Android, social media giant Facebook decided to pull the trigger and buy the company for 1 Billion dollars and some Facebook stock.  Yes that is right folks, that “hipster” filter adding app garnered a huge pay out for the Instagram founders.  Now of course since many […]