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In-App Billing Coming To Android

At the Inside Social Apps conference, held in San Francisco yesterday, some exciting things were revealed. Amongst the hundreds of mobile apps on showcase, one seemed to stand out for the applications devs or there. Google, in the near future, will be implementing a standard app billing system. Along with PayPal, Google will push out […]

Line 2 Paid VOIP app for Android Available

The VOIP (voice over IP) world is becoming very popular in the mobile phone market, first with Google Voice but it only works over cellular networks, and other Free apps. Line 2 has been out on the Iphone for a while and has been adopted quite nicely. Line 2 didnt just port their Interface over to the […]

New Partnership Between Shazam And Spotify Equals Great Combo!

Shazam is a miracle app for those of us that are seemingly unable to remember a song title or artist, and now this app has become even more powerful for the music lover in all of this.  Today Shazam and Spotify announced a new partnership that will affect users in the UK, Sweden, Norway, Finland, France, Spain […]

Official VEVO App Now Available For Android

For all you media junkies out there this is some very exciting news. VEVO has finally released an Android version of their app which contains 7,500 artists and over 25,000 music videos. This will provide a nice alternative to having to search on Youtube for your favorite music videos. The app will also contain voice […]

Adobe Flash 10.1 Updated For Android

Adobe has released an update to Flash 10.1 today, however there are some users that have been recommended not to update.  Adobe has said that any users that have a device with a Tegra 2 chip should not update to this latest version, but rather wait for a separate release specific for those devices.  This latest update […]

Dolphin Browser Mini Has Made It’s Way Out of Beta

The very popular Dolphin Browser Mini has recently been put through it’s beta testing and is now officially available in the market at v1.0.  Within the new release there a quite a few bug fixes as well as some nice new features. New Features New backup and restore feature Refined UI and toolbox design New bookmarks label New […]

Opera Shows Off Their Tablet Browser Ahead Of CES

Is nothing meant to be a surprise anymore? It feels like it isn’t this year as many of the manufacturers and software developers seem to have decided to let the cat out of the bag prior to the big show this year.  Well Opera decided to join in and release a quick little demo for their tablet […]

VLC Set To Release Android Media Player in 2011

Now this is an app that I will be keeping my eye on.  I am an avid user of VLC and have always wanted to put an app on my Android device, but most of what you find in the Market are only remotes.  Obviously the demand has been high enough that VLC has decided […]

Market Gets Updates And AT&T Customer Can Now Do Carrier Billing

Google has announced that there are a few new categories in the Market now.  These new categories are  “Music and Audio”, “Business” and “Sports” are among the more popular.  However this is not the big news in this latest update to the Market, but rather the fact that AT&T customers now have the option to charge any […]

Google Maps Updated To v.5.0.0, Available In The Market

We had previously seen some quick shots and videos of the latest update to Google Maps, such as with Andy Rubin and his Motorola prototype tablet, well today it is available to everyone in the market.  The latest update to Google Maps is a big one and now includes a 3D tilt feature as well […]