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4.1 Jellybean goes live for AT&T Samsung Galaxy s3.

Thats right you read the title right no need to double check 4.1 jellybean is live and ready to download for the AT&T Samsung galaxy s3. So what’s the catch? Well I’ll Tell you as of now the update is only available for download and install through Samsung kies no ota ( over the air) […]

AT&T Accepting Pre Orders for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2

  alright all of you AT&T Customer, you can know preorder the Samsung Galaxy Note 2!  The device will be available starting November 9th and you can grab one for $299.99 with a two year contract. If you want to be one of the first one’s to get one, you should head over to AT&T’s […]

AT&T Announces the Sony Xperia TL, Coming to Stores November 2nd!

  AT&T has finally announced the Sony Xperia TL!  Yes the James Bond device, that will be featured in the upcoming Bond film! The device will be available November 2nd for $99.99 with a two year contract.  The Sony Xperia TL is rocking 4.6-inch “HD Reality Display” at 720 x 1080 resolution with the Mobile […]

Amazon Announces the 8.9" Kindle Fire HD 4G LTE Wireless!

Amazon, at their live event in Santa Monica CA, yesterday announced the Kindle Fire 8.9″ HD 4G LTE Wireless.  It is a major upgrade over the original Kindle Fire.  I think Amazon really knocked it out of the ballpark with this tablet.  The tablet comes in a 32GB for $499 and a 64GB for $599.  […]


AT&T Acquires NextWave Wireless

In a series of great business decisions, AT&T has put themselves in a great position for the upcoming year. With the strategic purchase of NextWave, they expand their LTE network enormously by clamping down on a set of precious LTE bands. In my area, AT&T has a reputation of bad reception and dropped calls. It […]

Garnet Red Samsung Galaxy S III Now Available at AT&T

  Today, July 29th, you can head to no prescription online pharmacy your local AT&T retail store and pick up the Garnet Red version of the Samsung Galaxy S III.  It features a red battery cover, home button and bezel with a gunmetal rim running along the edges.  Pretty sweet looking phone if you ask […]

AT&T Drops the Price of the One X to $99 on a 2 Year Agreement

It was reported earl ier last week that Radio Shack was dropping the very convenient website price of the One X. Now AT&T has followed suit and is offering the One X for $99 on a 2 year agreement. Of course if you prefer not to be locked in a contract but still want one […]


T-Mobile Pilot Trial Will Start Moving Customers Off 2G Network With Upgrade Incentives

T-Mobile will be starting a new pilot program to allow customers on 2G to upgrade to 3G/4G with incentives.  The reason for this is to allow them to refarm the current spectrum to allow more devices on their network including the ever popular iPhone.  Beginning July 9th and running through July 30th, select residents of […]


Motorola ATRIX™ HD for AT&T Available Exclusively from AT&T for $99.99 Beginning July 15

Press Release DALLAS – July 10, 2012 – Beginning July 15, the Motorola ATRIX™ HD arrives in all AT&T* channels for $99.99** with a two-year agreement. The newest addition to the popular Motorola ATRIX family, this smartphone is remarkably thin at 8.4 millimeters but doesn’t compromise strength since it is made KEVLAR® strong for incredible stability in any situation. The […]

Samsung Releases the Source Code for the VZW Galaxy S III

For those of you out there that like to tinker with source code to phones, you’ll be happy to hear this!  Samsung today released the source code for the VZW Samsung Galaxy S III.  Head on over to this link to download the source code.  While you are there, you can get your hands on […]