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What Are You Willing To Pay For A Samsung Galaxy Tab?? Rogers Seems To Think A Lot!

If you are still thinking of getting a Android tablet, but really don’t think you want to dish out a ton of cash, the Samsung Galaxy Tab is still a very viable option.  Sure it doesn’t have Honeycomb, but it can play Angry Birds, and do all the usual Froyo stuff, however the big selling […]

HTC Incredible S To Hit Bell Mobility On April 4th

There have been lots of rumors about which Canadian carriers will be getting the new HTC Incredible S, and it now looks like you can say that Bell will officially be getting it.  The confirmed launch date for Bell Mobility is April 4th, which means that we only have to wait a few more days before Canadians are able to get […]

Bell ATRIX Already Recieves A Price Drop

Well I’m not sure if I should take this as a sign that the Motorola ATRIX has not done well in sales so far in Canada, or if it just a really good deal. Future Shop has reduced the price of the ATRIX from $169.99 to $69.99 on a new or renewed 3 year contract. […]

Bell Motorola ATRIX Suffers From Disabled HSUPA Just Like It’s AT&T Counterpart

Well it looks like us Canucks are suffering from the same slow download and upload speeds on the new Motorola ATRIX. Yesterday Bell Mobility launched the “world’s fastest smartphone”, the Motorola ATRIX, and it looks like HSUPA has been disabled north of the border as well. XDA-Developers members have confirmed that the same lockdown we […]

Bell Motorola ATRIX Available Tomorrow

If you have been waiting and waiting for a dual;-core Android device to hit the Canadian market tomorrow is the day.  I just received and email from Bell reminding me that I can pick up the Motorola ATRIX startting tomorrow.  Now the pricing isn’t too bad, as you can pick up the ATRIX for $169.95 […]

Bell Set To Launch The HTC Incredible S On April 4th For $499.99

Bell is definitely looking to make a statement with their Android selection in 2011. It now looks, according to this leaked slide, that Bell will be launching the HTC Incredible S on April 4th for $499.99 outright. The Incredible S is listed as launching with Android 2.2, but will be receiving an update to Gingerbread […]

Future Shop Confirms Pricing For Bell ATRIX Accesories

Well there is really no surprise here, but Future Shop has released the pricing for the accessories for the Bell Motorola ATRIX. As you can see from the pic above, the pricing is right in line with what we saw on AT&T in the US. The majority as fairly well priced but the laptop dock […]

Best Buy Now Doing Pre-Orders Of The Bell Motorola ATRIX

If you are antsy to get your Motorola ATRIX from Bell, you can now pre-order yourself one at Best Buy.  The pre-order will cost you $50, but that is put towards the device when it launches, and of course guarantees you a unit.  Now remember that if you go the Best Buy route you will […]

Leaked Bell Slide States "No Out-right Purchase Of The ATRIX Is Permitted"

We saw last week that Bell Mobility announced that they will be releasing the Motorola Atrix on March 17th in Canada.  NOw the Atrix is pegged to do very well in the Canadian mobile market as we don’t always get the top end devices at the same time as the US, however this leaked Bell […]

Launch Date And Pricing Released For The Bell Motorola Atrix

As a Canadian the first thought in my head when we first saw the Motorola Atrix 4G at CES, was when is this beast coming to Canada? Luckily alsmost right after the announcement at CES BEll Mobility stepped up to the plater and said they would carry the Atrix. At this point my heart soared […]